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The snub-nose saddle has arrived, and with it altered notions of cycling comfort and performance

Let’s face it, when it comes to trying to encourage people to start cycling, one of the first objections that inevitably arises is about the saddle. We can talk all we want about how safety and the weather act as a universal reason that more people don’t ride bikes, but for most people, a bicycle saddle is akin to a torture device. 

No matter that over the course of the last century there have undoubtedly been as many different saddle designs as there have been bike brands to use them. Simply put, a bicycle saddle is not the least bit alluring for anyone used to the comfort provided by the Barcalounger-like comfort of much of our contemporary seating options.

See the full review here: https://roadbikeaction.com/5-best-short-saddles-of-2019/

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