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The Official Bike Seat
of Race Across America
individually hand-crafted

Will ship within one to two weeks

World-wide Delivery

We Ship to All Over The Globe

Quality Materials

Hand selected leather, custom-made frame and rails.

Made in California, USA

All our Seats are made here in Southern California.


Annual Spring Photo Contest

Our 5th Annual Infinity Bike Seat
Spring Photo Contest for 2023

We love seeing our seats out in the world with you.
2023 Photo Contest
2nd Place: Tim Lyke
2023 Photo Contest Winner: Vandana Dhavate
2023 Photo Contest
3rd Place: James Eastland
2023 Photo Contest
Honorable Mention: David Greenall
2023 Photo Contest
Honorable Mention: Crystal Sparkles
2023 Photo Contest
Honorable Mention: Lisa Kent

Our 4th Annual Infinity Bike Seat
Spring Photo Contest for 2022

We love seeing our seats out in the world with you.
2020 Photo Contest
2nd Place: Florian Gratz
2020 Photo Contest Winner: Jason Black
2020 Photo Contest
3rd Place: Tony Clare

Our 2020 Honorable Mentions

Tariel Barragan
Susan Gryder
Kim Mason
Katie Winter
Katarzyna Musialik
2019 Photo Contest Winner: Eric Edwards

Infinity Bike Seat wishes you well during these trying times.
Some cyclists are taking rides outdoors and some are training indoors!
Whatever you’re doing we want to see you!

Please send photos when you’re getting ready to ride or while training.
We would also like videos – shorter than 1 minute – so we can share them on our social media.

Everyone that sends in a photo or video and testimonial will be entered to win a Infinity Kit, a Custom E1X Seat, and Infinity Seat Swag.

Take a look at all the possibilities here. We have a few other prizes tucked away for honorable mentions.

We love seeing your Infinity Bike Seat in landscapes, with people and animals.
Anywhere you ride Infinity we want to see it. In addition, to your photos, please include your testimonial of 3 to 5 paragraphs.

Please describe how you found out about the infinity seat, what made you decide to make the switch, and how has the seat affected your cycling. Feel free to include any other details on how the infinity seat impacts your life.

We’ll share all your videos (shorter than 1 minute) and photos on Instagram and Facebook.

How do you enter? Hit reply and attach your testimonial, image, video, or the link to it. You can also send them to us at dianeofinfinity@gmail.com

And, have a good time!

P.S. Infinity Bike Seats lets you ride longer and farther by relieving sit bone pain.