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Elite Series Bike Seat – E2

Elite Series Bike Seat - E2

(19 customer reviews)


*For Carbon Fiber Rails Please check the description for details on proper usage.

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The E2 is ideal choice for Road Cyclists, Tandems and Touring cyclists.

Ideal for any type of pelvic hot spots for either male or female. It relieves butt bone pain and protects your perineum/pubic bone area.

It features our signature full-cutout design frame covered with an 1/8 inch foam and individually, hand-crafted in genuine Italian leather.

The dimensions are 10.25in (260.35 mm) by 6.5 in (165.1 mm). The inside sit bone to sit bone width is 130 mm max. Weight: 245 grams.

We now offer Vegan Leather for most of our Infinity Seats. They have been tested for strength and durability. While at the same time it has the soft feel of elegant leather gloves. This has all been achieved through advanced technology without using exotic or domestic animal, or PVCs (polyvinyl chloride).

Carbon Fiber Rail is an oval rail, 7 x 10 mm, in a natural charcoal gray color.

Carbon Fiber Rails will make any of our seats 100 gms lighter.

Carbon Fiber Rails are interchangeable with any of our seats.

Carbon Fiber Rail Recommended for intermediate to advanced cyclists.

Carbon Fiber Rail Not recommended for any off road cycling, gravel biking, power assist bikes or extreme MTBing due to the nature of the carbon fiber material.

The Carbon Fiber rail diffuses the G-force shock felt from the surface of the road through the bike that transfers to the cyclist.

With Carbon Fiber Rail, while in a high performance mode, delivering a high wattage cadence, you’ll have a decrease loss of energy from side to side and an increase kinetic energy in a forward motion.

For side mount clamp of the Carbon Fiber Rail: you’ll need to get a 7x10mm ears and cups for your seatpost.

For top mount clamp of the Carbon Fiber Rail: should be fine, but you might need a longer bolt to accommodate the 3mm increase in height of the rail.

For Carbon Fiber Rail, watch video for installing G-Force pads for both side and top mounted seat posts.

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 7 × 3 in
Seat Color

Vegan Leather, Black, Pink, Red, White

Rail Color

Blue, Carbon Fiber, Electric Lime, Metallic Blue, Metallic Tangerine, Pink Flamingo, Polished Stainless Steel, Black Chrome

19 reviews for Elite Series Bike Seat – E2

  1. Al Perry

    I had an abscess removed from my left sit bone in 2018 which meant that sitting on any solid saddle was impossible. The Infinity literally saved my cycling career and six months on I’m still using it. Saddle sores are non existent. It’s not perfect though as the extra width causes some soreness from rubbing on my left hamstring even after a pro bike fit. Other than that though I have a lot to be grateful for as without this saddle I wouldn’t be riding at all.

  2. peter demattia (verified owner)

    I’ve tried about four other saddles before this one and couldn’t find a comfortable one. I was skeptical at first, but this saddle is all that it’s claimed to be. I enjoy mountain biking and with my dropper post this saddle works great. I only do about two hour trail rides but my old bones are thankful for my new found comfort. At seventy four years old I need all the help I can get.

  3. Lorenz Zahn

    Fortunately the minimaliostic look didn’t stop me from buying – it is the most comfortable saddle I ever had! I use it to daily commute and for long trips.

  4. Don Kwasigroh (verified owner)

    I’ve have been through five different saddles over the last three years and just tolerated the discomfort. I saw a review on the Infinity “Seat” and was skeptical. BUT it is what they claim to be. This seat is absolutely amazing.

  5. Kelly

    Ischial bursitis is now in the past since getting this seat! It is extraordinary! I could not stay on a normal seat for more than an hour and a half. With the Infinity seat Gran Fondo’s, Sportifs, Centuries, and a week in the Pyrenees have been problem free! I highly recommend these saddles!

  6. Rolf (verified owner)

    After also not being able to ride more than 30 min without experiencing massive pain using normal seats due to Ischial bursitis and having tried all sorts of different seats over a longer period of time, I finally found this seat! I am now able to commute daily 30 KM without pain again! I highly recommend this seat to anybody also those who do not have any problems as the comfort of this seat in comparison to normal ones is just great. I don’t want to ride on anything else anymore.

  7. Richard Sutherland

    I have been a road biker and a triathlete for over 13 years now and have tried about 15 different saddles over these years (I have a large box full of them to prove it). A friend of mine suggested to try the Infinity. Although I was skeptical at first, it was a great suggestion, it is the most comfortable saddle I have tried.

  8. Alli Prior

    Why are there not thousands of reviews about this incredible saddle? I’d heard amazing things about this saddle and took the risk and purchased one. Best money I’ve ever spent. Right from the first time i sat on this saddle i was comfortable. Ill never use anything else. Its like sitting in a cup! I rode 1,000kms in 6 days and had no issues at all. I use it with my aero bars as well and its still just as comfortable. I cannot recommend this saddle enough.

  9. Jacques Bolduc (verified owner)

    Je pratique le vélo depuis 10 ans et j’ai jamais été capable de rouler plus de 2heures sans avoir des douleurs intenses aux fesses. Je ne pouvais rouler plus de 5000Km par année. J’ai acheté la selle Infinity au printemps et découvert le plaisir de rouler sans douleurs. Je peux maintenant rouler 4 heures sans douleurs aux fesses. J’ai fini ma saison avec 8000KM. Pour tout ceux qui ont des douleurs elle ne peux qu’améliorer votre situation.

  10. Brenda (verified owner)

    I had tried six different saddles over 18 months, unable to find anything I could ride for more than an hour without pain.

    I saw this one on a bike at a festival and talked to the owner, who was kind enough to let me try it.
    I had it installed right before a six-day 400-mile ride. Wow! No pain!!!!

  11. Babs (verified owner)

    I have been cycling for more twenty years and in all that time I never had a seat that was particularly comfortable, especially for long rides. I bought this saddle hoping for the best. It took a few adjustments to get it just right, but now it is right and I doubt I will ever ride another saddle. This one is the best.

  12. Joachim P (verified owner)

    Since 8 months I ride indoors on my E2 saddle and bought me a second vegan one for the next outdoor season. Last week I rode 12 hours and 37 minutes nonstop on Zwift for the WBR500 charity event. It’s unimaginable for me to do this without an Infinity saddle. Had no problems afterwards, one easy ride the next day and afterwards my usual ride volume without any problem.

  13. Akori (verified owner)

    I have used the infinity saddle since June 2020. Prior to my purchase, I was having prostate issues and thought my days on the bike were over. I did some research and gave this seat a try. Since then I have ridden 2500 + miles on my Pinarello and in addition have put the seat on my Peloton. It’s true that my story is antidotal and maybe my problems would have resolved anyhow. But from this old weekend warrior, I think it is worth a try for anyone with saddle woes.

  14. Silvia Kramer (verified owner)

    Thats the best seat I have ever had. I have in the meantime my fourth saddle. Really great. I bought my first one in Palm springs in 2017, where I met the boss if this great Invention.

  15. Kamil Cyklokot Kotkowski

    After 22000km this year on Infinity E1X, including extra long rides like 15hours non stop indoor ride, ultrarides across Poland or 3600Km Race Around Poland, I say this saddle is a mayor improvement for your bike if you want to ride long hours without any butt pain issues…Now it’s time to test E2 model and check if it’s as extraordinary as E1X – the best bike seat on a market.
    Thank You dr. Vince for such wondefull product!

  16. Willy Chu

    I have used this seat for the past year. My old seat would cause numbness and pain from pressure on the ischial tuberosities (seat bones). This seat is like a sling with weight distributed evenly around the periphery of the soft tissues of your butt with NO pressure on the ischial tuberosities. Very comfortable on longer rides, has allowed be to continue riding!

  17. Rohan Kumbhar (verified owner)

    This is the best saddle I have used till date.
    This is the best upgrade I have done.
    The saddle sores are gone.
    I can just keep pedaling for hours together.

    • infinitystore

      Hello Rohan

      Thank you for your kind words. After 10 years we are so glad cyclist such as yourself are able to “Focus back on the Ride”! Have a great season. Cheers, Dr. Vince

  18. Daniel Dunn (verified owner)

    Ordered this saddle after my “Go To” brand saddle that I’d had on 4 of my bikes for the pass 12 year just wasn’t comfortable on long rides anymore.
    Loved the saddle out the gate and just returned from doing a 500 mile ride on the Katy Trail in Missouri. I never had any discomfort during the ride.
    Great Saddle, most comfortable seat I’ve ever used in my 36 years of cycling.

  19. John Kohrmann

    I have had sit bone pain for two years and have tried every saddle with no success . My friend loaned me the infinity saddle for a 500 mile ride from San Francisco to LA and I had zero issue with sit bone pain.
    Perfect fix for my problems

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