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The revolutionary Infinity Seat completely relieves sit-bone pressure and protects your sensitive perineum/pubic-bone area as well. Max leg angle is 150° for the Infinity Bike Seat. The result is a much more comfortable ride with far less chance of developing saddle sores, genital numbness, impotence or even sterility.
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Appointment Booking

Fittings start at $299.00 for a standard 1 1/2 hour fitting with a required deposit of $75.00. Please notify us 48 hours prior to reschedule or cancel your appointment.
Our Standard Fitting begins* at $299 and will include the following:
  1. Brief exam of the cyclist
  2. Check shoes and cleats
  3. Check pedal stroke
  4. Check hip/knee/foot alignment
  5. Check handlebar width and stem length
  6. Setup seat on bike
  7. Brief test ride of the seat

* Any other service fees including nutrition, hyperbaric oxygen neuromuscular rehab therapy, X-ray & MRI review, etc. will be reviewed and discussed for future appointments.

Please be mindful of what you eat 48 hours before your appointment including: no cheese, meat, fried foods or alcohol, to avoid any issues during the fitting. Allow 60 to 90 minutes for the Standard Fitting. To avoid extra costs for an extended fitting, please take the time to review the Setup Videos prior to your appointment. https://infinitybikeseat.com/setup-videos.You will have a better understanding of what Dr. Vince will be doing and the questions he will be asking you. (Each additional 30 minutes will be an extra $75.00).  In addition, please contact us 48 hours before your appointment if you need to reschedule or cancel.

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Rider Specifications

Due to an excess of inquiries, please allow for one to two weeks for us to respond to your email. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Please send us two images of you on your bike. See below for examples.

1: Crank Arm Parallel To Seat Tube
2: Crank Arm Parallel To The Floor
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 2 files.
Please send us two images of you on your bike. See below for examples.
1: Crank Arm Parallel To Seat Tube
2: Crank Arm Parallel To The Floor

Let us help you with the installation of your new seat – we have tips and tricks for most setups.

Read up on how it all works – we’re confident that our seat will be the last one you ever want to buy.

Don’t take our word for it, we’ve got a team of excited riders who all say why this is their favorite seat ever!