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Elite Series Bike Seat – E1X

Elite Series Bike Seat – E1X

(11 customer reviews)


*For Carbon Fiber Rails Please check the description for details on proper usage.

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The E1X-Series is an ideal choice for a more relaxed upright Road cyclists, TT, MTBers, Cyclocross, Gravel, Ultra-cyclist and the Weekend Warrior.

It has a “hammock” feel with the ability to sit in the pocket; and to shift position on the seat. Ideal for climbing and long distance.

The cyclist’s weight is distributed over the entire seat to accommodate: an aggressive forward pelvic tilt in the drop bars or aero position; an upright position or, if they have limited Spinal Pelvic Range of Motion.

It features our signature full-cutout design frame covered with an 1/8 inch foam and individually, hand-crafted in genuine Italian leather.

The dimensions are 10.25 in (260.35 mm) by 6.5 in (165.1 mm). The inside sit bone to sit bone is 130 mm max. Weight: 265 grams.

Carbon Fiber Rail is an oval rail, 7 x 10 mm, in a natural charcoal gray color.

Carbon Fiber Rails will make any of our seats 100 gms lighter.

Carbon Fiber Rails are interchangeable with any of our seats.

Carbon Fiber Rail Recommended for intermediate to advanced cyclists.

Carbon Fiber Rail Not recommended for any off road cycling, gravel biking, power assist bikes or extreme MTBing due to the nature of the carbon fiber material.

The Carbon Fiber rail diffuses the G-force shock felt from the surface of the road through the bike that transfers to the cyclist.

With Carbon Fiber Rail, while in a high performance mode, delivering a high wattage cadence, you’ll have a decrease loss of energy from side to side and an increase kinetic energy in a forward motion.

For side mount clamp of the Carbon Fiber Rail: you’ll need to get a 7x10mm ears and cups for your seatpost.

For top mount clamp of the Carbon Fiber Rail: should be fine, but you might need a longer bolt to accommodate the 3mm increase in height of the rail.

For Carbon Fiber Rail, watch video for installing G-Force pads for both side and top mounted seat posts.

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 7 × 3 in
Seat Color

Black Italian, Black Italian Pebble, Black Pressed Cow, Black Smooth Ferrari, Pink Italian, Red Italian, White Italian, Yellow Pressed Italian, Black

Leather Center

Black & White Pressed Snake Skin, Black Honeycomb Leather, Black Ostrich Pressed Leather, Black Patent Leather, Black Silver Patent Leather, Blue Pressed Basket Weave Leather, Green Patent Leather, Neon Yellow Leather, Pink Alligator Pressed Leather, Red Patent Leather, Smooth Florida Moss Green Leather, Spiegel Bike 2020 Blue, Spiegel Bike 2020 Pink, White Honeycomb Leather, White Patent Leather


Black, Pink, Red, White, Yellow

Rail Color

Blue, Carbon Fiber, Electric Lime, Metallic Blue, Metallic Red, Metallic Tangerine, Pink Flamingo, Polished Stainless Steel, Black Chrome

11 reviews for Elite Series Bike Seat – E1X

  1. Al Wade

    Have this seat on my gravel bike and also switch it over to my mountain bike for long races. The short nose makes frequent mounting and dismounting of the bike a breeze. With this seat I feel like I can ride forever!

  2. Al Wade

    I use the EX1 on my gravel bike and occasionally move it over to my mountain bike for long rides. The short nose makes frequent mounting and dismounting of the bike a breeze. With the infinity seats I feel like I can ride forever!

  3. Joe Watkins

    I have had this saddle for 1 year now. I wanted to try it to cure my saddle woes. It was the best decision of my cycling life! No more pain, just comfort. It makes me think of sitting in a sling. Sounds weird but i love it!

  4. Wayne Dunlap (verified owner)

    I got this saddle because I was riding Paris-Brest-Paris and have had issues with saddle sores on that ride in the past (It is 750 miles over 3 days). It does take some getting use to because it is more like sitting in a small hammock than sitting on a traditional bike saddle. It feels odd at first but after a while it is very comfortable. I had no saddle sore issues on the ride and would buy the saddle again.

  5. Andrew Jacobsen

    I have this saddle and am finally comfortable on the bike. When I was a kid in my BMX days, I had a red plastic seat that I rarely got sore from, and it was because the shape of the seat was similar to this one. My lower back has a lot of S Curve (In a straight line when I’m on the bike), so I need a seat with contour to spread out the pressure. The leading 100 yr old leather seat is okay, but the shape of the metal frame under the leather kills the deal every time to me. No more. I need a second Infinite saddle for my other bike now.

  6. Olivier LAMOURET (verified owner)

    Après 20 ans de douleurs, je découvre enfin la selle qui me convient, après avoir essayé de très nombreux modèle, des douleurs aux ischions me gâchaient constamment mes sorties. J’ai commandé ce modèle couteux sans grande attente, mais voici que désormais je peux rouler 5-6h d’affilée sans aucune douleurs, sans oublier d’appliquer une pommade anti-friction. J’ai commandé un deuxième EX1 pour mon vtt, et j’en suis tout autant satisfait. Seul bémol, le prix auquel il faudra rajouter presque 100 euros de “frais de dossiers” Fedex (c’est simplement du vol, je déplore donc l’absence de distributeur français ou européen. Je n’y croyais pas vraiment en passant commande mais finalement j’ai trouvé la selle qui me convient et me permet de longues sorties sans douleurs.

  7. Al Perry (verified owner)

    I already have an elite series infinity but liked the look of the E1X. Yes it was expensive, yes it took a month to arrive in England but damn it’s worth every penny. Supreme comfort and a darn fine looking perch.

  8. Mike Perry (not related to Al) (verified owner)

    This is my second saddle from Infinity. For me this is the best saddle ever made. comfort is extraordinary. Expensive, but for the rides I do so other can compare. I’ve been cycling for 50 yrs and nothing I have ever tried is close in comfort.

  9. Al Perry (verified owner)

    My third infinity saddle and my first with carbon rails. I wasn’t sure whether to go down the carbon route on my E1X but I’m glad I did. My BMC carbon road bike deserves this saddle and I feel the extra edge r this powerful perch provides. Only 10 days from order to delivery. Great work Dr Vince. Thanks.

  10. BRIAN SUMMERS (verified owner)

    Game changer – the seat appropriately spreads out the pressure points leaving only a pleasant ride to enjoy! Converted all my bikes to this seat !!

  11. nesterc (verified owner)

    I love my Elite Series Bike Seat – E1X! I’ve used it for 2 seasons now and it is still comfortable. However, it started “creaking” today 5/20/23 during a ride. the noise is coming from the saddle that connect it onto the rail on the rear end. a bit annoying and i guess I’ll just squeeze in grease as a band-aid fix. need to wear it down completely before I buy a new saddle. not sure if I’d buy that expensive saddle again.

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