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Elite Series Bike Seat – E3

Elite Series Bike Seat - E3

(7 customer reviews)


*For Carbon Fiber Rails Please check the description for details on proper usage.

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The E3-Series is an ideal choice for: Triathletes, Ultra Cyclists, Road Cyclists, Tandem and Touring cyclists.

The bifurcated horn of the seat creates a space for both male and female soft tissue areas while cycling in an aggressive, aero or drop position.

It features our signature full-cutout design. Hand shaped and covered with state of the art 1/4 inch Aerospace foam and individually, hand-crafted in genuine Italian leather*.

The dimensions are 10.25 in (260.35 mm) by 6.5 in (165.1 mm). The inside sit bone to sit bone is 130 mm max. Weight: 265 grams.

We now offer Vegan Leather for all our Infinity Seats. They have been tested for strength and durability. While at the same time it has the soft feel of elegant leather gloves. This has all been achieved through advanced technology without using exotic or domestic animal, or PVCs (polyvinyl chloride).

Carbon Fiber Rail is an oval rail, 7 x 10 mm, in a natural charcoal gray color.

Carbon Fiber Rails will make any of our seats 100 gms lighter.

Carbon Fiber Rails are interchangeable with any of our seats.

Carbon Fiber Rail Recommended for intermediate to advanced cyclists.

Carbon Fiber Rail Not recommended for any off road cycling, gravel biking, power assist bikes or extreme MTBing due to the nature of the carbon fiber material.

The Carbon Fiber rail diffuses the G-force shock felt from the surface of the road through the bike that transfers to the cyclist.

With Carbon Fiber Rail, while in a high performance mode, delivering a high wattage cadence, you’ll have a decrease loss of energy from side to side and an increase kinetic energy in a forward motion.

For side mount clamp of the Carbon Fiber Rail: you’ll need to get a 7x10mm ears and cups for your seatpost.

For top mount clamp of the Carbon Fiber Rail: should be fine, but you might need a longer bolt to accommodate the 3mm increase in height of the rail.

For Carbon Fiber Rail, watch video for installing G-Force pads for both side and top mounted seat posts.

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 7 × 3 in
Seat Color

Vegan Leather, Black, Pink, Red, White

Rail Color

Blue, Carbon Fiber, Electric Lime, Metallic Blue, Metallic Red, Metallic Tangerine, Pink Flamingo, Polished Stainless Steel, Black Chrome

7 reviews for Elite Series Bike Seat – E3

  1. LoreleiDon

    Hello to all
    In this difficult forthwith, I proclivity you all
    Appreciate your family and friends

  2. H (verified owner)

    Really outstanding! My chiropractor, Dr. McMurray, recommended this seat for me after my hip replacement. I just gave it a few miles and it is a world of difference. Previously my bike seatS conflicted at the new hip and my riding suffered. This has been a game changer and after trying so many seats I could have bought 2 of these. Great product so far!

  3. Tim Stapley (verified owner)

    I love my seat. The best thing about it is that it allows me to keep riding without hurting. My buddies were pushing there bikes after 60 miles and I asked why? They were in butt pain while riding. the setup videos are a great help to get the seat dialed in.

  4. Pauline Casey (verified owner)

    What an amazing difference. I have searched long and hard, completed all the usual measurements of sit bones etc. & as result I ended up with stock of uncomfortable saddles that I just couldn’t use. Then I found out about the Infinity Seat and I am absolutely ecstatic that I did. Seat rather than saddle the right description for it. Yes they look odd but I took a leap of faith and haven’t looked back. The videos are so helpful in setting up the correct position. I was still wary when it arrived so I put it on my bike that I have on my indoor trainer, just to try it out. Anyone who has done any sort of long ride on a trainer knows how uncomfortable it can be. Well, it was not only comfortable on the normal hour long rides but I completed the Rapha Festive 500(KMs) riding between 50 to 100 miles a day. It was so comfortable that I ordered a second one as this one was intended for my stoker seat on the tandem and I don’t want to give this one up.

  5. Mark Wood

    After trying many different saddles with no success in finding comfort I found the Infinity, these saddles are so great I purchased two of them.

  6. Barney Otene-Meihana (verified owner)

    Love my E3 saddle.
    It has been a lifesaver for 4 years and still in great shape. I recently changed it over from my TT to my road bike.
    I have been using Infinity seats since it’s inception on Kickstarter and my bum has been happy for almost 10 years.

  7. Valentin

    Cette selle a été une vrai révolution pour moi, après le passage sur plusieurs selles sans jamais régler mon problème de douleurs insoutenables aux ischions, j’ai testé celle-ci qui m’a permis de complétement les supprimer. Aujourd’hui je peux enchainer les sorties longues sur mon vélo sans aucunes douleurs et ca c’est génial ! Le prix est certes élevé mais ca a été un super investissement pour ma part, je ne comprends pas qu’on ne retrouve pas de selles évidées au niveau des ischions dans les magasins de vélos en France.

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