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There’s no pain like the pain of a biker who’s been riding for more than 25 miles, especially when that biker hasn’t been on their ride in quite some time. If there is one thing that will stop you from making it to the end of a biking adventure, no doubt about it, it will be butt pain! It’s also a pain that can keep on giving days after you’ve finished the ride and could keep you from sticking with it. After my first ride I searched the internet high and low till I came across Infinity Seat. I think you’ll see why gifting one of these seats will make your favorite rider thanking you for years to come!

The revolutionary Infinity Seat not only protects your sensitive perineum/pubic-bone area, but completely relieves sit-bone pressure as well. Rather than smashing those areas like a conventional bike seat does, the Infinity Seat moves the anatomical contact outward—to areas that are less sensitive to compression, and more capable of “providing their own padding”. The result is a much more comfortable ride with far less chance of developing saddle sores, genital numbness, impotence or even sterility. Here’s how it works: The revolutionary Infinity Seat design relieves 100% of the pressure on your sit bones and pubic bone, making this a saddle like no other. All points of contact are with areas of your anatomy that “provide their own padding”.

L1X Series Seat

  • The L1X-Series weighs 265 grams, and has a “hammock” feel with the ability to sit in the pocket.
  • It allows the rider to feel the fluidity of their body, and the road with every pedal stroke.
  • The cyclists weight is distributed over the entire seat when either in an upright position or if they have limited Spinal Pelvic Range of Motion.
  • An ideal choice for the Road Cyclists, MTBer, Weekend Warrior and Beach Cruisers.
  • It features our signature full-cutout design covered with a neoprene closed cell foam.
  • Each seat is individually, customized and hand-wrapped in genuine Italian leather.

Click HERE to take a closer look at the L1X!

L2 Series Seat

  • The L-Pro Series weighs 215 grams and covers a wide range of cyclists from the Cat 4 to Cat 1.
  • The L-Pro has the added comfort of the L2, while allowing the responsiveness of the N-series.
  • An ideal choice for Triathletes, Road, Tandem and Ultra Cyclists.
  • It provides relief for any type of pelvic inflammation – male or female.
  • It features our signature full-cutout design and is hand-stitched by our leather artisan.

Click HERE to take a closer look at the L-Pro! Enter the Promo Code: XMAS25 to get $25 off of your Infinity Seat order!

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