The hot seat

Infinity bike seat: Minimalist bike saddle from El Segundo chiropractor Vincent Marcel that claims to eliminate discomfort.

Likes: Very comfortable. The design, which is basically the outside edge of the saddle with the middle cut out, positions your lower-hip “sit bones” inside the yawing air space, thereby eliminating the acute pressure points that lead to swelling, chafing and, in some instances, impotence. Instead, the pressure is spread out more mildly along an expanse of the rider’s flute muscles. Successfully funded via Kickstarter earlier this year, the saddles will be for sale in September.

Dislikes: You can’t slide around on the seat and adjust your position as easily as on a regular saddle; you must stand up to reposition.

Price: Several models, padded and unpadded, with metal and carbon rails, $90 to $300.