LA Tri Club, one of the largest triathlon clubs in the nation, is excited to announce a multi-year partnership with Infinity Seat, the Infinity Seat is the first bicycle saddle designed to minimize contact pressure and redistribute body weight for increased performance and comfort.


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Los Angeles chiropractor and avid triathlete, Dr. Vincent Marcel created the Infinity Seat out of necessity for comfort. The Infinity Seat is designed to accommodate the rider’s skeletal structure; it fits most riders indiscriminate of muscle mass and body type.

The revolutionary Infinity Seat not only protects your sensitive perineum/pubic-bone area, but completely relieves sit-bone pressure as well. Rather than smashing those areas like a conventional bike seat does, the Infinity Seat moves the anatomical contact outward—to areas that are less sensitive to compression, and more capable of “providing their own padding”. The result is a much more comfortable ride with far less chance of developing saddle sores, genital numbness, impotence, sterility or even Prostatitis.

“After hearing about Infinity Bike Seat from a few of our members and trying just about every seat on the market with no success for comfort, I reached out to Dr. Vince to demo the seat and was amazed on how it fit like a glove immediately” says LA Tri Club Co-Founder Paul Hekimian.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with LA Tri Club. Their club has been helping athletes achieve their goals for over 16 years and Infinity Bike Seat will help continue that momentum for years to come” says Dr. Vince.

“I started the Infinity Seat because I felt the need to create a saddle that a common cycling enthusiast, such as myself, has been yearning for. Now, the Infinity Seat is helping professional cyclists, like Marko Baloh. It is very gratifying when a humble cyclist such as Marko Baloh switches to your saddle and tells the world when you’re doing one of the most prestigious races like RAAM, that the Infinity Seat saved his ass! Thank you Marko,” comments Dr. Vince. “We’re honored to be chosen as the official bike saddle for the LA Tri Club. We look forward to sharing my knowledge of chiropractic and nutrition with the club members to increase their endurance for a more comfortable ride.”

  • About Infinity Seat

The Infinity Seat is designed to accommodate the rider’s skeletal structure; it fits most riders indiscriminate of muscle mass and body type. The saddle is available in a variety of color bases and different color rails. For more information on the Infinity Bike Seat and Dr. Vincent Marcel, please contact Diane Martini at

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