What does a chiropractor know about making bicycle seats? Perhaps a lot more than you’d think. Vince Marcel, a Southern California based chiropractor, is attempting to reinvent the bike saddle.

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crazy saddle
The skeletal looking Infinity “Elite” saddle

“I’ve never been able to get comfortable on a traditional saddle design,” Marcel told me. “So, I approached the issue from a scientific angle to bring my theory to a product.”

His “Infinity” saddles are strangely skeletal looking and seem to be missing material where you’d most expect it — right beneath the sit-bones.

All modern saddle tech says that the booty is most happy when the sit-bones (Ischial Tuberosity) are well supported. Marcel thinks the opposite is true.

Dr. Vince Marcel showing how the sit-bones rest in the relief areas of his Infinity saddle

I’m not embarrassed to admit that the saddle did in fact feel comfortable in the short few minutes I spent on it. A longer test period would be needed before I can fully recommend one, but several others tried the saddle and remarked that they also think he’s onto something! —T.C. Worley

Saddle evolution: A “standard” saddle, the first saddle Dr. Marcel began altering, and the final product

The Gear: Infinity Saddle

Price: Ranges from $70 “Go” model (Nylon) to $200+ “Elite” model (Carbon/Kevlar)

Available: Spring 2014

Where To Test It: On any Road, Comfort, Tri or Time Trial bike.

Who’s It For: Cyclists searching for a more comfortable bike seat option.

Boring But Important: Saddle comes in 100% nylon, a nylon/glass blend and Carbon/Kevlar variations.

Important Specs: “Go” model – 190gr, “Elite” model 170gr

Made In: California, USA

Killer! Scuffs from an accident can be sanded/buffed smooth again!

Flaw: I found it awkward to sit upright in this saddle — it favors a leaned-forward posture. Hands-free riding could be tricky.

First Impressions: Despite the look and opposite approach of popular saddles, the seat actually seems very comfortable.

Who Should Buy It: Road warriors fed up with searching for a comfortable saddle and willing to gamble on a wild new design.

Contact Brand/More Beta: Infinity Cycling