Another week, another Kickstarter cycling product. The Infinity Seat is a unique looking sadde that claims to avoid sit bone discomfort, by removing those parts of the saddle that normally support the body.

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Everyone wants a comfortable saddle and there are dozens of differently shaped and sized options on the market. But Dr. Vincent Marcel, a chiropractor with 20 years experience and a keen triathlete, wasn’t happy with that choice. His search for a comfortable saddle led, he says,  him to question the standard saddle design and come up with the Infinity Seat.

By removing most of the saddle, Marcel has not only created a very lightweight design, but one that doesn’t use the sit bones to support the body. Instead, the cutaway sections mean your weight is on your buttock muscles, rather than the sit bones.

Almost all saddles are designed to support the sit bones. This saddle turns that idea upside down, and completely abandons the idea that supporting the sit bones is key to saddle design.

Marcel claims that because the Infinity Seat is “designed to accommodate the rider’s skeletal structure, it fits indiscriminately of muscle mass and body type.“ And they’ve called it a seat. A seat is designed to carry your entire weight, while a saddle is intended to carry some of your weight, with your arms and legs supporting you when you ride a bicycle.

All that said, they’ve sailed past their $25,000 goal on Kickstarter and, with 15 days to go, they have currently raised $93,566 with 699 backers. Take a look here. (link is external)