So an unknown company to most, Infinity Saddles caught my eye before Christmas. Their crazy eye catching saddle looks unique and I think it’s certainly a case of you either will love it or hate it… just like marmite!

Before you pass judgement you need to look at this saddle and the science involved!  Dr Vince is a doctor and a clinical nutritionist he has been cycling his whole life and was simply fed up with getting injuries and wanted to  create the most comfiest saddle. Through many prototypes he’s created a few models and was able to start the company through a kick starter which gained alot of support!

When Diane who also runs the company said would you like to test some i jumped at the chance! I cannot remember how many saddles i’ve tried and got a sore arse or numbed you know what from!


GCC member Tias has been trying the L series which is designed to mould to your body and give you support and maximum comfort! its covered in leather and has a middle section in the saddle which moves and supports you.

Infinity quote…

“Here’s how it works: The revolutionary Infinity Seat design relieves 100% of the pressure on your sit bones and pubic bone, making this a saddle like no other. All points of contact are with areas of your anatomy that “provide  their own padding”. Although it may look a little strange at first, after one or two rides most people are totally convinced, and NEVER GO BACK.”

The saddle comes in at $240 dollars and weighs around 220grams so not the lightest. Tias has done well over 500 miles allready and absolutely loves it! its the perfect saddle if you do long distance riding or Audax riding too!.


GCC member Matt has had the chance to try the N series and in his true fashion went and bowled out a 100 mile ride straight after fitting it in wasting no time!

He quoted… “I have tried Fizik, Selle Italia, ISM and Bontrager saddles and doing around 15,000 miles a year you soon know what saddles are crap when you start getting issues down under! I saw these saddles and thought  wow theres not alot there.. but when i looked at there site and a few reviews  i knew i had to try one”.

The N series works in the same way as the L series but has no leather cover just a plain and simple raw look and hole. It comes in at $170 dollars and weighs slightly less at 210 grams. It comes in a few colours and the neat part is you can customise the rails, so it was a no brainer to get copper rails for the Festka!

Both saddle work amazingly well they hug your body and give you abit more stability on the bike to especially when descending. GCC absolutely recommend infinity saddles, they have alot in the pipeline too so expect greater  things to come!