Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Pre-Owned seats refundable?

These pre-owned seats are non-refundable. You understand that they are sold as-is.

I wish to return my bike seat. Are there any costs associated with it?

Besides the shipping costs, which you are responsible for, there is a $35 restocking fee charged.

When shipping internationally, can I expect any extra charges?

Currently standard shipping is included in the price. The customer is responsible for all import duties, custom’s fees or VAT which are applied by the destination country.

What if I want to upgrade/exchange my N-Series?

For customers wishing to upgrade from a recently purchased N-Series (within 90 days) to a L1 or L2-Series, simply…1/ email expressing request to upgrade; 2/ you will be required to initially purchase the NEW Infinity Bike Seat desired; 3/ the NEW Infinity Bike Seat will be shipped to you; 4/ upon arrival, take the NEW Infinity Bike Seat out of the shipping package; 5/ place the original N-Series in the shipping package; 6/ address and ship the original N-Series seat to the Infinity Bike Seat facility; 7/ upon receipt of the original N-Series, a refund will be applied to your credit card for 100% of the original purchase – what a deal!

The Infinity Bike Seat Warranty / Guarantee

The Infinity Bike Seat is designed to be the most comfortable bike seat in the world. The warranty is against defects of materials and craftsmanship. Guarantee: if you are not 100% satisfied with the comfort and performance of your Infinity Bike Seat for any reason, please contact us within 90 days for a courteous refund. (see Please Note)

Please note: Refunds may take up to 30 working days from receipt of return for processing. There is a $35 Restocking Fee.