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Our 2018 Featured Lineup of Seats

What Some Of Our Cyclists Think Of Infinity Bike Seats

Roy M. Wallack

So, move over SMP. For all-around sit-bone comfort and sex-organ safety in a familiar, cycling-friendly form, suspended designs like the Infinity could well be the wave of the future.

Roy is an endurance cyclist and noted journalist for the Los Angeles Times. He has written a book, and it can be found here.

Marko Baloh

Yes, I have ridden half of RAAM 2016 on Infinity Seat, but never a full 24h race. It is the whole different ball game. When your goal is 500+ miles in a day, you have to push it all the way. No excuses! So, how did the Infinity Seat do? Absolutely nothing to report! The first 24h race in my career that didn’t leave any marks on my behind. Thank you dr. Vince for inventing the perfect saddle for ultra-cycling!

Dr. Srinivas Gokulnath

The Infinity L2 is a saddle which looks strange but is definitely effective in ultracycling. I was free from saddle sores for the entire 3000 miles. It really works well at extremes of temperature and terrain. While changing to Infinity L2, I had to adjust my seat post height, had to increase it by an inch. Apart from that the saddle is a big boon to the Ultracycling community.

Dr. Srinivas has just won the 2018 Ultra Spice Race in India.

Necessity is the Mother of Invention.

Founder Dr. Vince Marcel is a chiropractor, inventor and life-long triathlete. Whether training for a triathlon, or on a weekend ride with his family, he continues to look for new ways to make the ride more comfortable and more enjoyable. In 2012, a training injury “gave him the time” to work on his new invention: an extraordinarily comfortable bicycle seat. Years in the making, Infinity Seat has now allowed thousands of cyclists around the world to Focus on the Ride™, and is quietly revolutionizing our earlier conception of the bicycle seat.