Infinity L2-Series Seat

Infinity L2-Series Seat

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The L2-Series weighs 240 grams and is ideal for the novice to the advanced cyclist.

It allows the rider to feel the fluidity of their body, and the road with every pedal stroke.

Ideal for any type of pelvic inflammation either male or female.

An ideal choice for all cyclists: Triathletes, Road Cyclists, Tandems, Cyclocross, MTBer and Ultra Cyclists.

It features our signature full-cutout design covered with a neoprene closed cell foam.

Each seat is individually, customized and hand-wrapped in genuine Italian leather.

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Weight1 lbs
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Black, Blue, Pink, Red, Tan, White

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Black Chrome, Candy Apple Blue, Candy Apple Green, Candy Apple Purple, Candy Apple Raspberry, Candy Apple Red, Chrome, Pearl White

9 reviews for Infinity L2-Series Seat

  1. Joel Berman

    What Seat?

    Over the past few years, I’ve found that no matter what seat I tried and no matter what chamois/shorts I bought that after and hour or so, the seat becomes uncomfortable. As I rode I tried to think how I could solve the problem. Did it need more padding or less? Should the padding be under the hot spot or around it? I concluded that the best way was something like a toilet seat design. Yes I know that’s not the most attractive analogy but its clear.

    While searching the internet I found the Infinity Bike seat. I saw the video about how your bone structure fits in the seat. It made sense. I purchased the N seat on sale and tried it. The N is made of plastic and some of the corners are sharp and take a little getting use to but the concept worked. After riding for an hour or two I was fine. Nothing was sore. Living in MA and riding in the cold (freezing and below), I found that the N seat was a little slippery in the cold. I decided to try the padded leather L2 seat. The minute I hit the seat there was an ahhh moment. The extra padding softened the corners and the leather was a little less slippery. So now while I’m riding, the question is “What seat?” If I can forget about the seat then its doing what I want. What’s even better is that the company allowed me to upgrade from the N to the L2 seat for just the cost difference. If you’ve been having seat issues and you’re not too big or small (I’m 5’9″ and 125 lbs), I suggest you give it a try.

  2. Rich Danby

    Received my L-2 Thursday, switched out my existing saddle and did an easy 29 mile ride. Today ( Saturday), rode a 51 mile charity ride. Both rides were significantly more comfortable than using any previous seat/saddle. There was immediate comfort with the first ride and no post ride discomfort from today’s ride. Typically I usually have needed to stand on the pedals every 15 minutes or so after riding 1 1/2 hours but no need to do so today. I’ve made my last style change in bicycle seats.

  3. Sasha Madfes (verified owner)

    When I first saw a friend with this seat, I thought “oooo – that looks painful, like my skin and flab would squeeze through the center, and there’d be more chances of getting saddle sores because of there being more edges…” but then I took a seat on it for only 30 seconds and I realized that it is quite the opposite! I ordered one and have ridden dozens of 30-85 mile rides on it and I absolutely love it! I do wish the nose was smaller, simply because the saddle I previously had been riding on was, but after a few rides I because used to it and no longer notice the difference.

  4. Steve Nichols

    I’m a 70 yo guy…somewhat overweight, and I’ve been riding for over 55 years…I will be doing my 22nd MS150 this April; I previously rode and I was so sore that I thought that I might not be able to ride in the MS; then I received my new saddle…rode without any pain or discomfort at was/is a pure joy…I love it…back to riding 20 miles a day and look forward to my daily ride…no pain after a couple of weeks…I highly recommend this seat…more than worth the $300.00

  5. Ziggy Bokalders (verified owner)

    I am one of those cyclists who has tried every saddle known to mankind and couldn’t do 25 easy miles without crying out in pain….I have tried out Italian racing seats, wide seats, narrow seats, two-pronged seats, padded seats, hard seats. Up until recently, I was using a wider Italian ladies seat which I was sheepishly covering up the female references with duct tape lest my male riding mates find out….Until I found out about the Infinity seat online..I took a risk buying it sight unseen, as I hadn’t seen one on a bike anywhere here in the Palm Beach area of South Florida where I live. I decided to spare no expense and bought the L2 with the padded leather…I have to say, I was very skeptical at first. Trust me when I tell you this seat is AMAZING and all my seat pain is a thing of the past…I am ordering a second one for my mountain bike and I am now a true believer…Could this excellent seat have been created by aliens? It certainly looks alien…! No, it was invented by a very smart and clever doctor who figured out what’s been alienating your butt….I can ride all day on this thing, and now all I complain about is when my legs get tired. And that is the way cycling is supposed to be….So don’t delay! Buy one today!

  6. Tracey Cain (verified owner)

    I am so grateful to have found this seat. I have struggled with finding a seat that did not cause discomfort after even short rides. This seat has been life changing! I can ride faster and longer since I have no pain distracting me. Wish I had this years ago! Totally worth the extra money.

  7. Tim Walsh (verified owner)

    Just completed a 350 mile road trip around Lake Champaign in New York, Quebec and Vermont on the L2. No hot spots, no saddle sores and a satisfied customer. It isn’t an immediate solution to soreness, you need to ride it, adjust and ride some more. I have a friend who had told me it took him a year to dial it in, but it was still better than his previous saddles while he did the dialing in. I knew what to expect and it worked.

    I fouled the leather scuffs easily so if you need to flip the bike while on the road expect to damage the leather on the saddle. If you are like me and need to flip the bike to fix something you aren’t thinking about protecting the saddle. Since I ride rain or shine I’m not overly concerned about the scuffed leather at this point.

    The saddle seems to have softened over time, become more flexible which also seems to help with the comfort, and may explain some of the additional adjustments needed to dial it in. I carry the tools I need to adjust my saddle on the road if necessary.


  8. Brent Burgess (verified owner)

    I have to admit i was very skeptical when i first looked at the L2. It is a pretty weird looking saddle. Well after reading all the reviews I decided to take the plunge. My previous saddle was a Selle Italia Max Flight Gel. I was usually comfortable up to about 50miles. But beyond that I would develop an aching sensation that would increase as the ride pushed onward. I felt a similar sensation with 3 different Specialized models that were correctly sized for me. I have also tried A Fizik Arionne and a tried and true Brooks Pro Leather. Centuries were a real Rule #5 session and the thought of a Double Century was simply ridiculous.
    Enter the L2. After following the video and making a few fine adjustments on some short rides I was ready to put the L2 to the test. I rode 3 consecutive 75 milers and hardly noticed there was a saddle at all. None of the aforementioned aching or sit bone discomfort whatsoever. It was really quite amazing. I additionally observed that my pedaling style began to change with each of those long test rides. I noticed that I was more relaxed and that my cadence was smoother. Particularly the upstroke was having a greater impact than before because I wasnt so tense as before. Previously after 50 miles I was literally wrestling with the bike to stay on. Now after 50 Im completely relaxed and can push all the way to the finish with strong powerful pedal strokes. A secondary benefit came in the form of more comfortable feet. The relaxed posture took a lot of pressure off my feet which gave me a lot more power later in the day on those final climbs.
    Today Im actually considering the Davis Double Century as a goal for next year. I am not an easy person to sell to or convince there is a better way until I try it for myself. Well I am sold on the L2

  9. David Paras (verified owner)

    A Leap of Faith Rewarded. My friend who is a national and world champion triathlete posted on Facebook that she got this odd seat that’s now her favorite. I have been cycling of years and had tons of saddles Fizik, Specialized, Brooks, Terry, ISM Breakaway, etc. Never found one that didn’t cause numbness or (as I’ve aged) hemmoroids. I guess the pressure of the traditional saddle on the behind just made mine irritated. I ordered the L2 just to check it out and immediately it was different. That pressure was gone. Sure there was pressure on a different point and I was aware but after a couple of my commutes (twice a week 50 miles round trip) the difference was amazing. I don’t have that pressure or proneness to bleeding. I don’t have any soreness after rides at all. Can’t say much more. I took the leap and was rewarded with the best seat I’ve ever used.

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