Infinity L1X-Series Seat

Infinity L1X-Series Seat

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The L1X-Series weighs 265 grams, and has a “hammock” feel with the ability to sit in the pocket.

It allows the rider to feel the fluidity of their body, and the road with every pedal stroke.

The cyclists weight is distributed over the entire seat when either in an upright position or if they have limited Spinal Pelvic Range of Motion.

An ideal choice for the Road Cyclists, MTBer, Weekend Warrior and Beach Cruisers.

It features our signature full-cutout design covered with a neoprene closed cell foam and leather.

Each seat is individually, customized and hand-wrapped in genuine Italian leather.

Color Choice will change both stitching color and rail color.

Additional information

Seat Color

Black Australian Sheep Skin, Black Italian, Black Italian Pebble, Black Pressed Cow, Black Smooth Ferrari, Pink Italian, Red Italian, White Italian, Yellow Pressed Italian, Black, Black & White, Blue, Chrome, Flowers, Orange Pattern, Red, Tan, White

Leather Center

Black & White Pressed Snake Skin, Black Honeycomb Leather, Black Ostrich Pressed Leather, Black Patent Leather, Black Silver Patent Leather, Blue Pressed Basket Weave Leather, Green Pattern Leather, Neon Yellow Leather, Pink Alligator Pressed Leather, Pink Pebble Leather, Real Alligator Leather, Red Basket Pressed Pattern, Red Patent Leather, Smooth Florida Moss Green Leather, Smooth Pale Agar Blue Leather, Smooth Pink Leather, Spiegel Bike 2020 Blue, Spiegel Bike 2020 Pink, Tan Herring Bone Pressed Leather, White Honeycomb Leather, White Honeycomb Leather / Blue Metallic Stitching, White Honeycomb Leather / Red Metallic Stitching, White Patent Leather, Yellow Pressed Leather


Black, Metallic Blue, Metallic Red, Pink, Red, White, Yellow

Rail Color

Black Chrome, Candy Apple Blue, Candy Apple Red, Chrome

5 reviews for Infinity L1X-Series Seat

  1. Brynne P

    I absolutely love this saddle! I now have two Infinity bike seats: my first was the L1 and I have that on my trainer/back up road bike; the L1X is on my good road bike. Both are extremely comfortable.

  2. Gap P. (verified owner)

    I really love L1X for upright position. This is extremely comfortable. Weight is very well distributed over seat area. It feels like floating on the seat. Love it. Personally, bike shorts with thin chamois works better than the thick ones.

    I wish Dr.Vince to create something like L1X suitable for aero tuck position also, maybe rear half of L1X combined with front half of L2.

  3. Laura H

    The best!!! You will never ride another saddle again!!! Try one out today!!! And don’t look back!!!

  4. Scott A (verified owner)

    I had been running the L2 for three years and decided I wanted to try out the L1X. After a couple of hundred miles on the L1X would highly recommend this saddle. I give both of the saddles a 5 out of 5 rating. Since I moved over to ultra-cycling events the one big issue at the end of a race was always trying to stay comfortable in the saddle towards the finish. That problem was taken care of with the Infinity bike seat. One of the things you may hear Dr. Vince say is “Focus on the Ride” this saddle has definitely made cycling more enjoyable!!!

  5. Frédéric Bonny (verified owner)

    Cette selle est magique ! J’ai toujours eu des problèmes d’appuis sur les selles et notamment au niveau des ischions.J’en ai essayé et acheté des selles. Je pourrais presque ouvrir un magasin de selles!Mais toujours les mêmes problèmes. En fait tous les constructeurs ouvrent leurs selles au centre mais jamais au niveau des ischions. Et un jour un ami m’a fait découvrir les selles Infinity. Et là je me suis dis que le Dr.Vince avait tous compris. C’est le seul qui ouvre la selle sur les ischions. J’ai d’abord commencé avec le modèle L2 et là, le bonheur total! Plus de problème avec les appuis sur les ischions puisqu’ils sont dans le vide. Étant un cycliste qui fait beaucoup d’heures de vélo et comme on n’est quand-même en lévitation 🙂 au bout de plusieurs mois d’essai des petits douleurs sont arrivées. J’ai donc pensé que le modèle L1X devrait mieux me convenir. J’en ai commandé une. Et là cela a été la révélation. Cette selle est magique. Plus aucune douleur. On ne sent plus les chocs de la route et les nids de poules. On a le sentiment d’être sur une suspension, presque en lévitation ! Quel bonheur. Merci Dr. Vince. Vous avez tout compris. En comme vous dites:” now you can enjoy the endless Ride »

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