The Infinity Bike Short

NEW The Revolution Infinity Bib Shorts

The Makers Of The World’s Most Comfortable Bike Seat Have Made The World’s Most Comfortable Bike Bib Shorts

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These shorts are shown inside out for reference

Years of Designing, The Perfect Accompanying Short

For more than 200 years the cycling industry have been trying to create a more comfortable ride. For the past few decades, the focus has been on bike short pads from how to stop chaffing, saddle sores and straight out pain from riding on a bike. The bike seat pad industry today is very hi tech. However, most of us are still looking for a solution for our pain.

Bike shorts are made with extra padding to create multiple contours to take pressure off the perineum, but it does the opposite. The extra padding increases pressure on the surrounding areas of the perineum: nerve, artery and vein. The cyclist is still experiencing inflammation, a decrease blood supply, numbness, increased pressure on male and female organs, among other issues.

After years of looking for the right short to be used with our Infinity Seat, we decided to design our own.  We proudly introduce The Revolution Infinity Bib Shorts.  We wanted the new Infinity Bib Short to be functional, they had to move with us, be one with us, form fitting and lightweight. The kit had to be seamless between the rider and the bike.

Teaming Up With JAKROO, A New Revolution

We teamed up with JAKROO to create The REVOLUTION Infinity Bib Shorts. This is a specially designed and engineered 3mm pad which reduces pressure in key areas, improving comfort. Wide 7.5cm Powerbands keep shorts comfortably in place on those long journeys. All these features combined with your Infinity Bike Seat will help you to Enjoy the Endless Ride!

We used scientific data utilizing pressure mapping testing to show the benefits of The REVOLUTION Infinity Bib Shorts and how they work with our Seats. The following photos are of a controlled study we did with our Infinity Seat E1X. We used a traditional top branded thick padded short and our new revolutionary, high tech level/flat 3mm padded short without any ridges.

To receive the 20% discount, please remain on the Infinity Seats Store Page to purchase your Revolution Infinity Bibs.

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The Infinity Bike Seat eliminates pain and discomfort, and allows you to Focus on the Ride.™