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The Infinity Lineup

Our 2019 Featured Lineup of Seats.

Infinity E2-Series Seat

Price: 297.00
Customizations: Leather Color, Rail Color

Infinity E1X-Series Seat

Price: 297.00
Customizations: Leather Color, Rail Color

Infinity E3-Series Seat

Price: 397.00
Customizations: Leather Color, Rail Color

Infinity Testimonials

What Some Of Our Cyclists Think Of Infinity Bike Seats.

Infinity at RAAM 2019

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RAW 2019 and Pre-Race

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Founder Dr. Vince Marcel is a chiropractor, inventor and life-long triathlete. Whether training for a triathlon, or on a weekend ride with his family, he continues to look for new ways to make the ride more comfortable and more enjoyable. In 2012, a training injury “gave him the time” to work on his new invention: an extraordinarily comfortable bicycle seat. Years in the making, Infinity Seat has now allowed thousands of cyclists around the world to Focus on the Ride™, and is quietly revolutionizing our earlier conception of the bicycle seat.

Full Cutout Design

The revolutionary Infinity Seat completely relieves sit-bone pressure, and protects your sensitive perineum/pubic-bone area as well.  Max leg angle is 150° for the Infinity Bike Seat.

Made in California, USA

All our Seats are made here in Southern California. Dr. Vince hand selects the leather, picks up all the components and assembles them here at our office.

No Padded Shorts

Forget the thick padded bike short! The unique, patented design of the Infinity Seat provides optimum comfort with just a thin chamois. The padded short interferes with the design of the seat and comfort of the cyclist.

Ideal Choice For All Riding Styles

An ideal choice for the Road Cyclists, Triathletes, MTBer, Weekend Warrior, Tandems, Cyclocross, Ultra Cyclists, and Beach Cruisers


Artisan Craftmanship

Each seat is individually created and hand-wrapped by our leather artisans. The Infinity Seat weights between 245 and 265 grams, and is made of genuine Italian leather with a neoprene closed-cell foam or Aerospace foam. Regular leather care maintenance is key for durability.


Create your own design! All seats are fully-customizable and are non-refundable. Our basic seats are Black with Chrome Rails.

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We’re Excited About What We’re Doing Right Now.

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Tune in to “7 Day Warrior with Rich Rubin” on KROQ – FM (link below)

Dr. Vince meets with Rich Rubin to share information about cycling, nutrition and his motivation to develop the Seat.

Infinity Bike Seats

The Infinity Bike Seat eliminates pain and discomfort, and allows you to Focus on the Ride.™

Infinity in The News

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