See what some of our amazing cyclists have to say!

Roy M. Wallack

So, move over SMP. For all-around sit-bone comfort and sex-organ safety in a familiar, cycling-friendly form, suspended designs like the Infinity could well be the wave of the future.

Infinity Bike Seat Replies: “Thanks Roy! We are grateful for the mention in your wonderful book, which we THOROUGHLY enjoyed.” Purchase Roy’s book Bike for Life.

Short noses. No noses. Some with cut-out center sections. One shaped like the letter C, another like the number 8 turned sideways. The impotency issue spawned a cottage industry of imaginative pressure-relieving saddles over the years, with all the aforementioned styles reviewed in one of my Los Angeles Times gear columns in 2007. The one I’ve used on my road bike ever since is the Selle SMP, the beaked, bifurcated Italian masterpiece pictured earlier in this chapter. After riding the airy SMP, I’ve found that other seats make me feel like I’m being impaled on the tip of a spear.

Nothing came close to the SMP until January 2014, when I tested the most radical cut-out saddle I’ve ever seen: The Infinity, pictured here.

The Infinity is literally the edge of a saddle, with nothing but air in the middle. That’s because inventor Vince Marcel, a chiropractor from El Segundo, California, decided that the only way to truly relieve pressure on everything down there was to remove the hard seat structure not just under the soft, vulnerable-to-squishing, artery-dense perineum, but also from under the hard “sit bones” (at the base of the pelvis) that surround it.

A traditional saddle leaves the skin and the tissues around the sit bones swollen from the body-weight compression and side-to-side rubbing of each pedal stroke. “A seat with a hole or channel in it helps spare the perineum, but puts your weight squarely on the sit bones,” said Marcel, a 51-year-old father of two and a budding Ironman triathlete. “You need a seat that will suspend the entire area. I realized that on the day that i was all black and blue down there after I rode 75 miles following six months of no riding. So I went back to my office and used my orthotic (foot) shaper to make a plaster-of-paris impression of my tush.” With a facsimile of his delicate undercarriage in hand, he took a saddle and cut away almost everything.

The result—a striking, minimalist, air-conditioned work of art that depressurizes your entire at-risk zone—was dubbed Infinity by Marcel, and it was given a ringing endorsement on the world’s toughest test track in June 2014: The 3,000-mile Race Across America (RAAM).

Mike McClintock, an electrical contractor from Wooster, Ohio, who dropped out of the 2011 RAAM after 2,200 miles due to saddle sores, was so frightened of the same thing happening in 2014 that he did something considered heresy: used brand-new equipment on game day. Paranoid about her husband’s tenderness tendency in the days leading into the race, his wife Robyn scoured the internet and found Infinity, which was not yet for sale. Marcel sent the 56-year-old McClintock a prototype, which he test-rode just once before the race. The result: a pain-free private area for 11 days, 20 hours, 27 minutes, good for sixth in the 50-59 age group. He was ecstatic.

“I had no saddle sores; no time off the bike tending to those sores, and no reduced speed due to not being able to get comfortable on the bike.” said McClintock. “This saddle was not only instrumental in making my attempt successful—it may have been one of the primary reasons why I succeeded.”

Marko Baloh of Slovenia, cycling coach, six time RAAM finisher, three time PBP finisher and multiple time ultra-cycling World Record holder took 3rd in this year’s RAAM with the Infinity Seat. He is the only cyclist in the World who cycled more than 900km in 24 hours (24h Indoor Track World record is 903,75km) on the upright bike.

Marko states, “The Infinity seat has saved my butt (not only figuratively) in this year’s RAAM. Hadn’t I got it, it would be very hard for me to finish the race, let alone finish in the 3rd place.

I am so looking forward to my next RAAM, at which I will ride the Infinity from the start. It will make a World of difference! Thinking of it, what comes to mind is that every RAAM racer would kill to find a solution to the saddle sores problem. And now, you don’t have to kill anyone, all you have to do is try out the Infinity seat.

Thank you Dr. Vince!”

Marko Baloh

Yes, I have ridden half of RAAM 2016 on Infinity Seat, but never a full 24h race. It is the whole different ball game. When your goal is 500+ miles in a day, you have to push it all the way. No excuses! So, how did the Infinity Seat do? Absolutely nothing to report! The first 24h race in my career that didn’t leave any marks on my behind. Thank you dr. Vince for inventing the perfect saddle for ultra-cycling!

Ljubljana-Crnuce, Slovenia

The IronCowboy

The IronCowboy, 50 Ironmen, 50 States, 50 Days

Orem, Utah

The Infinity saddle is by far the best saddle I’ve ever used!

Dr. Vince has been fantastic to work with, and he truly understands how the body is actually meant to sit on a bike comfortably. Discomfort has been completely eliminated and I can now ride for hours on end with no numbing or discomfort.

Biking has become fun again! I can’t possibly thank you enough. In fact my wife had hung up her bike because she simply could not get comfortable on any saddle… then I put the infinity saddle on her bike and pleaded with her to try it knowing how big of a difference it made for me.

We set out on a two hour easy ride and my wife was in complete disbelief. She could not stop smiling and denounced her retirement stating she could easily ride for 5 more hours. Thank you Dr. for giving us back the gift of cycling together.

Dr. Kevin McCullum

The only seat that seems to be both comfortable and legit for the seious road cyclist is the Infinity seat. Thanks for developing a product that has helped me return to the sport I love.

New York, USA

Bicycling has long been a serious passion and significant part of my life for many decades. As a practicing physician cycling has also helped me set an example of healthy lifestyle choices I can share with my patients. It has also been an integral part of our family life; from long distance touring with my wife to raising 4 kids on bikes. Three years ago, however, I was diagnosed with Prostate cancer and had surgery. Like many men who have experienced this treatment there were predictable consequences and this required further perineal surgery last fall. That latter surgery involved body parts intimately familiar with traditional bike seats and even after months of healing I could not return to riding. Devastating. Then I discovered the Infinity bike seat. 4 months after surgery I was able to begin riding again and have spent the summer catching up on those lost miles commuting 20 miles to work and even vacation touring in the beautiful Gaspe region of Quebec, Canada. I have looked at many options for riding after perineal surgery and the only seat that seems to be both comfortable and legit for the seious road cyclist is the Infinity seat. Thanks for developing a product that has helped me return to the sport I love.

Kevin McCullum, M.D.

Kevin Klotz

Your product has not only brought back my love of cycling, it has helped me become a stronger cyclist!

Texas, USA

Dr. Vince,
I just wanted to thank you for inventing the Infinity Seat.  Your product has not only brought back my love of cycling, it has helped me become a stronger cyclist!  I’m sure the story is getting old for you, but after several years with a number of different saddles, I was still suffering from numbness and soreness after long rides, especially my two day Bike MS rides that I do several times a year.  After a particularly tough two days in the saddle this past spring (headwinds, cross headwinds and saddle soreness are a terrible combination!), I had had enough.  I vowed to find something that worked better and made me happy to ride two days in a row.  I had seen your product online and although highly skeptical, thought I’d give it a go.  The difference was immediate!  I used to only be able to spend 10 minutes on my turbo trainer before numbness made me quit.  Now, I am able spend 45 minutes to an hour on it and the only thing making me want to quit are my tired legs and burning lungs!  Out on the road, it took a handful of rides to dial in the height and position, but once I did, I couldn’t believe how it changed my ride and my enjoyment of cycling.  An unexpected benefit of the Infinity Seat was how it continued to help smooth out the ride of my aluminum frame on chip sealed and potted roads – the increased compliance from not having my backside smashed into a hard saddle was welcoming!  The real test was 4 months after I had first begun using the Infinity Seat which was my first two day Bike MS event since last spring.  For the first time ever, I entered day 2 of the ride with no pain or numbness and for the first time ever, I didn’t dread getting back on the bike after a refueling stop!  I’m a convert and an evangelist of your product.  Thank you again!
Kevin Klotz
PS – I’m sure you like to see your product “in the wild”, so I’ve attached a photo of my rig with my favorite saddle!

Hans Apel

It’s a perfect fit and suited to long trainer sessions that would be painful on any other bicycle seat.

Fair Oaks, California

I’ve used the Infinity GO+ seat since Day One as one of the backers of the Kickstarter campaign. It’s been on my indoor trainer where comfort matters most. Great seat!


Now I’ve finally upgraded to the new leather covered Infinity L2 seat. I keep records of my bike and trainer setups, so it slotted right in. It’s a perfect fit and suited to long trainer sessions that would be painful on any other bicycle seat.


So, what can I say about the Infinity seats that hasn’t already been said many times before? The Infinity L2 seat is gorgeous with its leather cover, that’s true artisan work at its very best! The L2 seat is the most comfortable bicycle seat I’ve ever used and I’ve been riding road bikes for more than 50 years. I’m a geek with many gadgets who measures athletic performance and I record all of my trainer rides. Looking at the first rides with the Infinity L2 seat I believe that I can attribute a 2-4% performance gain to the improved economy of the cycling moting while using the Infinity seat. I couldn’t possibly be happier with it.”

Richard Lin

II am able to ride longer, ride faster, concentrate more on my pedaling rhythm, and enjoy the riding itself.


I have always been told that using the sitting bone to support my weight on the bike seat and ride more often so that I gradually have the “iron-butt” are the only two ways to take on bike rides over 100km distance. I did not believe those two were the only solutions so for the last four years I had been buying and selling bike seat (including classic leather seat, usual plastic seat, carbon seat, padding and without padding) because none of them come close to making me enjoy riding. Then I came across infinity bike seat online and had the privilege of meeting Dr. Vince and Diane in person. The meeting was informative and helpful, not to mention that first time test ride in the shop was surprisingly comfortable.

In more than 6 months time, I attended bike events and countless weekend casual ride in which I never felt the need of taking a break because of soar butt. I cruised on flat road and I pedaled hard to climb hills; I am able to ride longer, ride faster, concentrate more on my pedaling rhythm, and enjoy the riding itself. I love this infinity seat so much so that I came back to get a 2nd seat for my 2nd bike. So exactly how does it feel when sitting on this infinity bike seat? My two mutual bike friends said in two different occasions when they tried sitting on my bike while I stood behind them holding the bike still, they said: stop using your palms to support my butt! They thought I was supporting them, while it was the Seat itself. They then looked back and saw my hands on back wheel.

Dr. Srinivas Gokulnath

I was free from saddle sores for the entire 3000 miles. It really works well at extremes of temperature and terrain.


Race across America 2017, was one of the toughest thing that I have ever done in my life. The race is undoubtedly the toughest. In such a race, efficiency is the key to success. Efficiency in all aspects of the race helps the racer inch towards success. Being on the saddle and racing intensely for almost 21 hours with relentless focus on the target for the next 12 days is a challenge which very RAAM racer experiences. Spending 288 hours on the bike demands a proper bike fit and a saddle which can make the work place comfortable. I was lucky to be on one such saddle which I used for RAAM 2017, Infinity L2.
The Infinity L2 is a saddle which looks strange but is definitely effective in ultracycling. I was free from saddle sores for the entire 3000 miles. It really works well at extremes of temperature and terrain. While changing to Infinity L2, I had to adjust my seat post height, had to increase it by an inch. Apart from that the saddle is a big boon to the Ultracycling community.
Dr Vince, the founder of the Saddle helped me in setting up not only the saddle but also shared a lot of insights into bike fit. He makes cycling a pleasure. His immense knowledge about the Human physiology, anatomy and bike fit is clearly evident in the way he customizes bike fit for every athlete. Infinity saddles can make a difference in Ultra-cycling.

Jim Luther

I highly recommend Infinity Bike Seats to anyone that enjoys distance riding – ultra, touring, or race. I wish I had this saddle 10,000 miles ago!

California, USA

The Infinity L2 saddle made a large impact on my riding, increasing both my comfort and daily distances. I have given my saddle a bit of a workout in the past year. I rode it down to Phoenix (from San Jose) earlier this year and have spent the last couple months riding in France. Had a fun trip from Lyon to the Atlantic coast and hit a bunch of the passes in the Pyrenees. I really like the saddle. I have ridden distance for about 25 years, including approximately 6,000 mile North American tour, and a 3,000 mile climbing adventure in France, but most of my trips are about 1,000 miles with days in the 130-250 mile range (Vancouver -> San Jose, San Jose -> Phoenix, San Jose -> San Diego, Seattle -> Boulder). At the end of the day, I am more comfortable and have had no problems at all with saddle sores since I switched to the L2 saddle. I have also just put a second L2 on my stationary trainer. I highly recommend Infinity Bike Seats to anyone that enjoys distance riding – ultra, touring, or race. I wish I had this saddle 10,000 miles ago!

Jeanne Dunham

Not only has my saddle pain gone away completely, but now my feet no longer hurt! Why? Because I’m no longer putting tons of pressure into my feet, trying to relieve pressure in my saddle.

Arizona, USA

Thank you for all of the time you spent with me, my wife and my little puppy. It’s been several weeks now since I came into your store. All though I haven’t gotten to ride as much as I usually do, I gotten in some good rides with my Infinity Seat now and I’m in LOVE! Not only has my saddle pain gone away completely, but now my feet no longer hurt! Why? Because I’m no longer putting tons of pressure into my feet, trying to relieve pressure in my saddle. I now can sit properly, with all of my weight on my Infinity seat, and actually focus on a proper pedal stroke. Our cycling coach installed it for me and watched me pedal from a side view and from behind. He says my pedal stroke looks pretty darn good now and that my hips, upper body and head are still now. My teammates are noticing a difference in my pedaling posture and in my speed and my climbing had greatly improved! It’s amazing how much better you can get when your butt, groin and feet aren’t causing you excruciating pain. I felt like I was on the verge of giving up cycling and you saved me. I’m happily enjoying the beautiful landscape of Arizona from two wheels again and loving my time on the bike now. Several of my teammates have since bought Infinity seats for themselves. Maybe you’ve noticed a spike in sales in this region? 😉 Thank you again for everything!


Deb Hegland

I can’t say enough about working with Dr Vince. I will forever be grateful to him! Truly a miracle worker.

Minnesota, USA

I can’t say enough about the Infinity Bike Seat. I love it. I can pedal 100 plus miles a day and not feel the need to get off or even squirm in my seat. I am totally comfortable on long rides. My husband has the Infinity Seat as well. He is not quite as comfortable as I am. But…after making a trip to California to have a professional fitting with Dr. Vince, we found out the problem lies more with some of his prior back injuries. Dr Vince gave him some great tips to lessen his discomfort.

Now, for the real miracle. While we were working with Dr Vince he got wind of my upcoming 4th ankle surgery. After an extensive workup at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN I had a top orthopedic surgeon tell that the only hope I had for a normal gait was to undergo calcaneal osteotomy.

That basically means a surgery where they would break my heel bone, pin and plate the bone in different places and then do tendon transfers to provide extra strength. Wow. I was looking at up to a year of recovery time! Dr. Vince with all of his expertise looked at everything from past injuries, how the injury occurred, muscle testing, blood work and a whole lot more. After doing an adjustment to my ankle, I had an almost normal gait but more important the knee/back pain that I had experienced for over 2 years was gone. I can’t say enough about working with Dr Vince. I will forever be grateful to him! Truly a miracle worker.


Choctaw Nation Trail of Tears Bike Team

Those that rode the Infinity Seat were amazed at how comfortable it was, and by the end of the week were still riding in comfort with no soreness

Mississippi to Oklahoma, USA

Every spring the Choctaw Nation Trail of Tears Bike Team rides from their ancestral homeland in Mississippi back to Oklahoma to commemorate the original removal of the Choctaws in the early 1830s on the “Trail of Tears”. They ride anywhere from 60-80 miles per day, and complete the roughly 500 mile journey in seven days. Along the way the bike team learns about the history of their ancestors while retracing parts of the actual “Trail of Tears”.

In 2017 the Infinity Bike Seat also made the journey with the Choctaw Trail of Tears Bike Team. Wanting to make the long rides more comfortable, several members of the team rode the N-series, L1, and L2 seats. The riders that rode conventional seats were dealing with soreness and fatigue by the end of the week. Those that rode the Infinity Seat were amazed at how comfortable it was, and by the end of the week were still riding in comfort with no soreness.

The Choctaw Nation Trail of Tears Bike Team would like to say a big “Thank You” to Infinity Bike Seat for all of your support along our journey. From answering questions to advice on fine tuning the saddle; your customer support and service has been outstanding!”

Kathryn Austin

Allegro Cyclery — I have the L1 on my gravel bike and the L2 on my road bike, and will never ride with any other saddle again.

Walla Walla Washington, USA

After literally years and too many saddles to count, I finally found (or it found me) the perfect saddle – the Infinity L1. I own a bike shop and we were standing around talking one day last spring when this guy walks in with his touring bike, fully loaded as he was training for the TransAmerica ride that was coming up. He had this “crazy” looking saddle on his bike – Infinity L2 – and we couldn’t resist the opportunity to sit on it! When it was finally my turn, immediately upon sitting on it, my thought was “this is it, this is the one!” I knew without even riding the bike that this saddle would be my future in long distance cycling – as it was, the longest I could ride was 40 miles – only due to pain, agony/suffering from sitting on whatever saddle it was that I was trying at the time.

Within a couple of month, I had the L1 on my road bike and was riding my first century – the Wenatchee Apple. The revelation during and after that ride – that I was “comfortable” was mind-boggling!!! The last 20 miles I was certainly tired and ready to get off the bike, but I was still able to chit-chat and was in a good mood. Where as my partner was needing to be quiet and focus “to just get it over-with” because she was in so much pain/discomfort d/t her saddle – oh how I knew exactly what she was feeling and how happy that it wasn’t me for a change.

I now have 3 demo Infinity saddles in our bike shop that are almost always checked out. The word is out and many many people that have suffered for years as I had, are now are enjoying their ride rather than suffering through it to be able to enjoy their favorite exercise – cycling. I have the L1 on my gravel bike and the L2 on my road bike, and will never ride with any other saddle again.

Tom Wiseman

I completed the 200mile race in 12h21m and came in a respectable 5th place. The saddle was never a problem. I was sold from then on.

Ohio, USA

I was first introduced to Infinity Seats when Michael McClintock received several prototype seats for use in the 2014 RAAM. I was with Mike as his mechanic in his attempt back in 2011 when saddle sores and discomfort forced him to abandon the race after 2300 or so miles. With just 3 days before the start of the 2014 crossing Mike told me of his plan to throw all logic to the wind and put a new and very different contact point on his rig. With all the time and money invested in the project I was skeptical to say the very least that it would be a good choice so close to the race start. This time as his coach I monitored his progress very closely and was shocked at 850miles in just outside Durango he said there were NO issues with the saddle. He had actually forgotten it was there! After his successful crossing and return to Ohio I borrowed a couple of these new wonders to try them for myself. I figured if he could ride a new seat more than 3000miles and have no issues I would have to give it a real chance myself. I put one on the road bike and began training for the Ohio Challenge later that year. The first ride I only did a short 23miles. I leaned my bike up and enjoyed a cold beer while looking at that seat for more than an hour. “How can something that looks like that be so comfortable” I kept saying over and over again. I put several thousand miles on that seat before the race in October. I completed the 200mile race in 12h21m and came in a respectable 5th place. The saddle was never a problem. I was sold from then on. That winter I thought “What the Hell” and put one on my 29er suspension rig to ride offroad. I then set my sights on the Mohican 100K MTB race in the beginning of June the following year. I rode the trainer on the road bike with an Infinity seat and offroad with the Infinity equipped 29er for the remainder of training till May. By far the most comfortable winter of training I have ever experienced. After completing the Mohican 100K and knowing the seat was capable of doing both I just never looked back. I recently made the climb up Pikes Peak using the seat as well. When the saddle is not an issue getting on the bike is just more fun and you just want to point it at more things.

Brandon Hill

I have put approximately 500 miles on the seat … I still have not had chafing, saddle sore, or discomfort.

Texas, USA

After much skepticism and hesitation, I finally got to try an Infinity seat. The first couple of rides, as with any seat, I had to make some minor adjustments. After finding the right placement, I rode about 30 miles intentionally staying in the saddle, and wow…what a difference. 2 days later I rode in the Hotter N Hell bike race in Wichita Falls, TX. I rode 100 miles in PR time and noticed I hardly had to adjust in the saddle the entire ride. Definitely the most comfortable saddle I’ve ever ridden. There was no saddle sore, no chafing, and no discomfort. I highly recommend this product for anyone putting in some miles.

Since I have installed the seat, I have put approximately 500 miles on it. I still have the same opinion regarding the feel of the seat. I still had to make a couple very minor adjustments, but I still have not had chafing, saddle sore, or discomfort. I notice myself having more energy for climbing, and I am able to ride for a longer time without stopping. All of these aspects are great advantages when riding for distance. I cannot say enough good about the seat. Thank you Dr. Vince for the great product!!

Doug and Marsha Gray

Husband and Wife team! “…I did back to back centuries…with no discomfort!”

Massachusetts, USA

“After 40 years of cycling and more saddles than I can count, I finally discovered the Infinity. My saddles were always comfortable at first, but as I got older, I never could find one that I could spend long periods on. When I first mounted the Infinity, I did a short 25 mile ride and stopped periodically to make minor adjustments. In the next two days, I did back to back centuries…with no discomfort.”
– Doug Gray

“I started riding 30 years ago, and immediately found that I had pain and discomfort on every saddle I tried. Riding two consecutive days was out of the question. Ultimately, I had to give in and switch to a recumbent, which I never warmed up to. When my husband came across the Infinity, I took a chance that it would help…and it did.
I sold the recumbent and went back to my bike. This saddle works and I’m happy to be back.”
– Marsha Gray


Alfredo Ortiz

I am 6′ 7″ tall, … Since getting the Infinity seat, I no longer feel discomfort, in fact, I don’t feel like I’m seating on anything while I ride

Florida, USA

I’m a former professional basketball player who picked up cycling about 2 months ago. In my entire athletic career I never had to perform from a sitting position and the fact that I am 6′ 7″ tall, made me skeptical about cycling. I almost got discouraged after buying my bike because of the discomfort from the seat. Then, I discovered the Infinity seat. Immediately it made sense to me since discomfort on my seat bones was the biggest problem I was having. When I got the infinity seat; from day one I noticed the difference. I went from 10 miles to 25 miles to now 40 miles every weekend. I no longer feel discomfort, in fact, I don’t feel like I’m seating on anything while I ride. Now I can concentrate on pedaling and enjoying the ride. My goal is to complete a century ride soon. I’m sure I won’t have any problems with my Infinity seat!


Dee Berry

Baby in a cradle people. Baby. In. A. Cradle.

Michigan, USA

I always seem to have trouble with my saddle. I usually just tolerate them for as long as I can. I have gone thru about 6 seats in the past 2 years. About 2 weeks ago, I purchased the Infinity seat. In these last 2 weeks, I have done two 3 hour rides with it. Like a swaddled baby being rocked in a cradle. Unbelievable how safe “it” felt. So yesterday I thought I would be smart and ride what was supposed to be only a 2 hour ride but turned into a 5 hour ride, without any cycling or tri shorts. Yep, you read that right. Absolutely no padding whatsoever. I just had on a cute pair of UA shorts like I would wear to crossfit. Soooo, after awhile I was concerned about the nether region and if it was going to survive. Wow!! After 5 hours, it. was. all. good. Total confidence that I will be completely comfortable riding for 116 miles at IMCHOO. Baby in a cradle people. Baby. In. A. Cradle.

Side note…I am sure there are many others like me that after time in the saddle, there is some tenderness and any thoughts of intimacy are not welcomed. This may be the end all be all selling point of the Infinity seat…after 5 hours and no padding, I was totally welcoming to some intimacy with my husband without reservation or hesitation. Bravo Infinity!!


Andrew Blum

My rear end was well supported with ZERO PAIN POINTS

New York, USA

I’m 52 years old and on a path towards a more active lifestyle. I took up biking in 2016 and gradually upgraded my gear along the way including a number of expensive seat options, proper bike shorts, a proper bike fitting, etc. None of the seats I had purchased were comfortable and I had assumed that would be the “norm” until a cycling friend of mine called and asked if I had ever heard of this crazy looking seat, Infinity. We reviewed all the online video’s and testimonial we could find and pulled the trigger on a pair of new Infinity L2 seats. What we read and heard made complete sense; I had to try one!

When my L2 seat arrived I quickly mounted it; made a few course adjustments and away I went. WOW was the first thought I had. My rear end was well supported with ZERO PAIN POINTS. I didn’t feel like I was losing any ability to power through my ride either. I made a couple of fine adjustments around seat angle and distance from the front stem and I have not stopped talking about this seat to anyone who’d listen. Ive got about 800 miles on it so far. 30-40 mile days without squirming, without having to take a “rear-end” break and without ending my ride crippled.

I love this seat because it helps enable me to be a better rider, go further and get fitter. Amazing, Amazing, Amazing !


Žiga Sernec

If I didn’t have this seat on this year’s Race across Slovenia, the result would not be the same.

Celje, Slovenia

Žiga Sernec, finisher of DOS-RAS Extreme – Race across Slovenia, 1200km (2nd place), one time 24h (2nd place) and one time 12h UMCA European Championship (2nd place) finisher at Slo24Ultra race and finisher of 12h Schinderei race in Austria (2nd place).

I started participating in ultra cycling races in 2016 and in 2017 I started using the Infinity seat on all my bikes. I cannot say one bad thing about it. If I compare this season to the last one, I have no problems with saddle sores or other pains in my ass. If I didn’t have this seat on this year’s Race across Slovenia, the result would not be the same for sure because open sores was one thing we didn’t have to worry about while racing and that is extremely important. Even after the competition I didn’t have any problems whatsoever. Priceless!

I recommended the seat to all of my friends and many people are asking me about it when they see it. I think the Infinity seat already has many many fans in Slovenia! 🙂


Leo Barrett


Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, UK

A saddle is possibly one of the most individual parts of a bike we all use and in my opinion the comfort we experience doing the thing we love most should be prioritised above all else. I’ll start off with the headline, For Me and my body, THIS SADDLE IS EXTRAORDINARY!

I bought the infinity saddle in February 2017, the day after I visited my local hospital suffering from bad bruising to my perineum. The Dr told me that the likely cause was using a hard slim saddle for long repeated efforts on the indoor trainer over winter. He reccomended a saddle with a cut in it and low an behold I found the Infinity website. The science just makes sense. Your body is not designed to sit on the perineum or worse! The infinity saddle simply takes away all that pressure and moves it onto your more padded regions, and I can honestly say it works! The first time you sit on this thing, you’ll be amazed, there’s an instant feeling of genuine comfort! After about 50km of riding indoors adjusting the saddle with trial and error just slightly I found that perfect position and I haven’t changed it since. It does take several hours of riding to get used to it and you may find yourself riding a bit differently but trust me it’s worth it. After about 2 hours on my old hard saddle I had to stand up and take a break, I had no feeling ‘down there’ and the maximum I was capable of riding was 4 hours before having to ride home. Now, I frequently do 6 hour+ rides, I never, ever have pain anywhere in that region! Nothing! It’s AMAZING!
I like riding fast, but I also like riding slow and enjoying the thing that made me fall in love with this sport and that’s just riding my bike! I feel I have the saddle in an endurance position, I say that because, when I go into my aero/on the tops position I find I feel some slight discomfort as my gentleman regions have shifted forward onto the front point of the saddle. If you spend a lot of time in that position, then all you have to do is adjust the saddle too be comfy in that position, this saddle can work for all types of riding!

Everyone is different, so whenever anyone asks me about this saddle, and trust me they’ll ask! I say ‘For me, it’s superb’ that’s because I can’t realistically tell someone it’s going to be right for them. I recommend they try one and if they’re tall enough to get onto my bike lol, I let them sit on it and feel that instant feeling of ‘wow that’s weird!’ It’s a good weird! Because it’s so different to what they’re used to! But you can buy one and clearly it may not work for you! What you’re buying is comfort and some people like different feelings of comfort when riding their bike! But there’s no harm in trying!

Ill be honest there are some small negatives.

1) The N Series is not comfy to ride without a chamois pad. I can only talk from a male perspective but guys if you just wear running shorts or something casual you can find that parts of your body get trapped in places there shouldn’t be lol!

2) The prong at the back is key to how this saddle works and is really comfy to sit on, however, when I said you have to get used to this saddle and it’s a bit weird, one reason is because this prong thing bounces you about a bit on non smooth tarmac and when I first rode with it I kept thinking I had a puncture!

3) Infinity states ‘Free Shipping Worldwide’. However if you live in the UK (I don’t know about other countries) you will have to pay a fairly hefty customs charge which I wasn’t expecting from that statement.

4) For some reason on my bike I have found that I am having to tighten the seat bolts every couple of weeks, which I hardly ever had to do with my other saddle. Not a big issue but you instantly recognise when that position slightly shifts.

These are 4 very small and minor negatives to some enourmas positives! Don’t be put off by these but I wanted to give my honest review. There is no doubt in my mind that if I want a saddle and I have the money, I’ll ONLY be considering Infinity in the future!

I bought this saddle to help me fall deeper in love with cycling and this saddle just lets me ride my bike all day long with a huge smile on my face! Try it, Trust me! Just look at my photo!

Thank you Infinity!



In 2016, I had my prostate removed. Using the Infinity seat did not require any adaptation on my part. All my bodily functions have returned to normal. No numbing, no pain points, no adaptation period.


In September 2016, I had my prostate removed. I had concerns about post-surgical adaptation to cycling and specifically, cycling saddle pressure and the repeated impact by cycling on the perineum area.
The concerns for saddle sores and cycling discomfort are widely discussed. More recently, the impact of cycling and ED have become a common men’s health topic. ED is a particularly acute concern for those who lose their prostate and still want to ride. My research concluded that maintaining good blood flow and minimizing repetitive nerve damage to the perineum area were important points to minimizing ED after a radical prostatectomy.
I considered nose-less and cut-out saddles when I came across the Infinity Seat. I placed a call to Dr. Vince and was impressed with how he developed the Seat by considering the human anatomy and the mechanics of cycling activity. I also visited Infinity Seats headquarters and had a lengthy discussion following our phone conversation. It seemed to me that the Infinity Seat could have been developed with prostate patients in mind.
I installed the seats on my road and mountain bikes and began riding them 90-days post-surgery. Six months later I’ve returned to my 10 hours a week pre-surgical cycling activity and have been free from any pain or discomfort.
Using the Infinity seat did not require any adaptation on my part. All my bodily functions have returned to normal. I believe I am sparing the nerves and maintaining good blood flow. No numbing, no pain points, no adaptation period. Periodically I try riding on a conventional saddle and I feel acute pain in the perineum area in a matter of minutes.
My hypothesis is this: on a conventional bike seat you are seated “On” it with sit-bone and perineum oriented pressure points. With the Infinity Seat you sit “IN” it. Your body is supported by your entire pelvic structure and surrounding soft tissue areas. Pressure points are eliminated. For me it worked immediately after a proper setup.
I recommend the Infinity Seat to anyone with saddle pain, anyone who is concerned about cycling related nerve damage and blood flow in the perineum or who has concerns about prostate health (or lack of a prostate) and wants to continue cycling.


Ryan Charles

Now GO GET an INFINITY SADDLE …I don’t think I’ll ever ride any other one!!!!!!!

Louisiana, USA

I’ve been cycling for close to three years. I’ve always struggled with cardio, running just wasn’t my thing. That’s how I found cycling and as it has done many I got the bug. I’m a tech kinda person and not afraid to try something new especially if I can feel like I’m getting in on it early before the whole world discovers it. I’m 5’11” about 215 pounds, so one can imagine the pressure I put on my saddle. I discovered Infinity a couple months back and said hmph that’s different. I recently had an airline mishap where my bike was damaged so I sent it off for repair. Decided to change things up and that’s when I started searching for a bad review of infinity yes yes I was looking for the worst. Human nature I assume, BUT could not find any I say hey let’s give it a shot so I purchased the L2 saddle in Pink. Im also a member of Ridgesupply RSarsenal a sock brand in which fits well with my new cutting edge, loud, bright saddle. Customer service with infinity is superb as I spoke with Kathy multiple times trading some good info.

NOW enough about my background, as the included instructional stated I rode my old saddle one last time with bibs then I changed back into regular shorts. I wanted to give the saddle a real hard initial test.At first I felt like I was just giving it too much credit and that I was still acclimated to my other seat and that the pain would kick in at some point. I mean it must I don’t even have riding shorts on. Never did I rode a couple miles no nothing. So the next couple days I rode fully fitted with bibs and all, when I say everything every review stated about ALL discomfort disappeared it’s unreal how the ingenuity and technology put into the design of Infinity saddle takes all that discomfort we all feel and threw it out the window. I wasn’t able to clock an extended ride yet due to my work schedule but I can’t wait to put 60mile ride it’s definitely heaven at 40 so I only look forward to the best of the future. Now GO GET an INFINITY SADDLE …I don’t think I’ll ever ride any other one!!!!!!!


Steve Popoff

The revolution of the bicycle seat has begun!! GO INFINITY!!


I started road cycling when I was in my mid twenties. At first I rode by myself, then with friends and then I started riding with a few different cycling clubs. As my cycling improved, I wanted more of a challenge and started riding with an “A” group. We did an average of 60-75 mile rides every week. Amongst the cyclists, discomfort on the seat became the number one topic we all shared. One guy would say try this seat or another, so I tried Specialized, Selle Italia Bontrager, and a hand me down Brooks. We thought the pain was just something we had to suffer through and that the more we rode we would just get used to it. But, we never really did!

When I met my girlfriend, Kathy I was 35, we started riding together. We rode The Covered Bridge’s Tour in Bucks County, Pa. We did the 63 mile ride and we were both sore for days. She would always say, I wonder what kind of butt day it’s going to be every time we went for a ride. We rode The 40 mile NYC Five Borough’s Ride and Kathy vowed she would never do an organized ride again because of the pain she was in. She began a search for a comfortable seat and tried woman specific seats, thick padded seats and wore thick padded shorts and would still be uncomfortable and would be sore for days after.

Then it was like a miracle happened! Kathy came home from a visit in California with her sister, Diane and showed me a bicycle seat that her husband Dr. Vince, a chiropractor and triathlete designed. She said that when she sat on it for the first time it was like WOW! There was no pain at all! In all honesty, I looked at the seat and thought what kind of seat is this? She simply said, SIT ON IT!! I couldn’t believe it, it was like sitting on air, no pain no pressure! That was back in the fall of 2014, (I believe) and we have not only been riding Infinity Seats ever since, we were also some of their earliest test riders, supporters and promoters of this incredible invention.

Now Kathy and I road ride and mountain bike together all the time. We can cycle all day with no discomfort what so ever. I used the N-series with light padded shorts and was very happy and content. I was sure there could be no other seat as comfortable. Kathy started using the L2 which is padded and wrapped in leather and said I had to try it. I finally did and it was incredibly comfortable. I still use a light padded short & Kathy wears no padding at all up to a 30 mile ride. I’m 52, 6’3 and 215 lbs. and Kathy is 59, 5’9 and 150 lbs, we are feeling better than ever! Thanks to Dr.Vince’s brilliant invention and Diane’s love and support and both of their unending hard work, the revolution of the bicycle seat has begun!! GO INFINITY!!


John G.

When I found Infinity, my search for the perfect seat was finally over.


Hi.  I’m John.

When I was in college long ago I rode up the hill to class every day on a hard smooth plastic saddle.  Kinda hurt.  We didn’t know any better back then.  The advances in saddle design had not happened yet.  I rode on it for miles out in the country.  Stupid kid.  But riding kept me in real good shape.

When I decided to get back on my bike I realized that it didn’t have to hurt so much and went looking for the best of the best to sit on.  A HA!  The Infinity Saddle.  As soon as I saw it I knew my search was over.

In the process of my research about modern bicycling I came across the World Naked Bike Ride.  I looked at some videos of the events from around the world.  One thing in common was that all these riders and observers were hooting and hollering and having the time of their lives.  This piqued my curiosity.  Could I have so much fun riding my bike naked through the middle of a big city with hundreds or thousands of other people?  Maybe.  But not on that old hard saddle.  And, at my age now, nothing but super-comfortable would do.  I found the Infinity saddle and had to have it!  My old bikes never were right for me anyway so I got a great new rig and put the Infinity on it. . . Jackpot!

I started looking into this “naked bike riding” thing and found out that it’s not all that uncommon.  So I was too late for the WNBR last year but there was a naked bike riding event here around my home town.  Lots of nice people and everybody was curious about the Infinity.  I let some of them ride it.  (We put terrycloth towels around our saddles.)

It turned out to be a two-for-one for me.  I got the best saddle I could hope for and now I have a bunch of new friends who just like to hang out naked together and ride bikes sometimes.  Try it.  It’s fun.

Riding naked isn’t really a primary way to go – and we don’t. Especially for men it’s a bit of a challenge to get on the saddle just right when starting. Balancing “the boys” across the saddle is a little awkward.  But, it can be done.  I recommend trying this only on nice smooth pavement.

But, for the most part, wearing at least some biking shorts is the way to go (girls don’t have this problem). Nothing I have found is more comfortable than the Infinity saddle.  I wouldn’t ride a mile on anything else.

Look out World Naked Bike Ride!  I’m gonna smoke you guys on this thing!


Theresa Moore

I will continue to ride my bike in total comfort with the Infinity saddle.


I am an adult onset athlete. I am 6’ tall female, 50ish years old, with hips and at the time weighed 195 lbs. I’ve been cycling 4 years. In 2016, while training for my first Ironman race, I realized my current saddle was not going to work. I’d been able to complete a couple 70.3 distance triathlon races on the bike without issue. However, the longest bike ride I’d completed at the time on that saddle was maybe 65 miles. I was now looking at a 112 mile ride. I tried a variety of saddles including models from Cobb, Selle, and ISM Adamo with no luck.
A triathlon friend had been using the Infinity N series and talked with me about it. The first time I saw it, I thought what the heck?? My butt will fall through the gaps in that seat, thanks but no thanks. My training partner, decided to try it. Her hips are slightly larger than mine. When she gave it rave reviews and I’d had a couple 60 mile rides on uncomfortable saddles, I decided to give it a try. I was in luck. I’m born and raised in Los Angeles and was planning a visit. I reached out to Dr. Vince since the shop is in El Segundo. He and Diane welcomed my visit. I stopped by and test drove a few models (N and L1). I couldn’t believe how good my butt felt. I decided to buy the L2.

Upon returning home, I followed Dr. Vince’s installation instructions and set out for a ride. Oh my goodness, not only does it look bad ass (can I say that) but it felt great. I don’t know the mechanics behind how it works, but it does. Long story short, I completed 3, century training rides (100 mile distance) using the Infinity saddle. Due to various reasons, I didn’t complete my Ironman but that’s ok. I will continue to ride my bike in total comfort with the Infinity saddle. Thanks Dr. Vince!!


Leah Garland

Happily completed my first 100 mile ride and never got antsy in the saddle or had rubbing.


I was first introduced to the infinity bike saddle by a fellow triathlete on an early morning ride. She swore by it, but I still wasn’t convinced. Meanwhile I was suffering on my current saddle. Being like most triathletes, I felt like I had to have the saddle that everyone else did. My LBS got me setup on a traditional tri saddle and I completed my first half Ironman. By mile 30, I was getting restless and couldn’t stay on the saddle for any length of time. I knew if I ever wanted to complete a century ride or even a full IM I needed to change, and quickly. After that race I started to look and research all sorts of different saddles. I drove to several different shops to try out demo saddles. I final made the big leap, ordered the Infinity N saddle. I couldn’t wait to get it on the TT bike and try it out. For our maiden voyage knocked out a 56 mile ride with absolutely no chaffing, no soreness, nothing. I then purchased the L1 for my road bike, and WOW! Next thing you know I’m riding in the L-2 on the TT bike. Happily completed my first 100 mile ride and never got antsy in the saddle or had rubbing. Even on a challenging half IM course this year my saddle was the last thing I was worried about. Thank You Dr. Vince!!!


Billy McKee

I have never been more comfortable during or after a ride as with the Infinity seat.

Texas, USA

I entered the 2017 Ironman Texas on April 22nd sporting my new red leather L2 Infinity seat. Prior to this day I had done rides of 15 miles (around my neighborhood the day I received it making adjustments), a 17 mile Zwift ride, 45 miles (one more adjustment) & 78 miles on Texas Gran Fondo 2 weeks before the race. Most of my adjustments were made to angle and height to match dimensions of my previous saddle set up. The height needed to move up 3/4″ (which is a lot), and I angled the nose down 2 degrees more than previous set up. I am 59 years old and have been riding road bikes since I was a young lad. I have never been more comfortable during or after a ride as with the Infinity seat. When I finished my 112 mile ride and started the run it felt like I never rode (except for my quads which pushed through a strong headwind the last 25 miles). The next day I had zero discomfort. Friends and family thought I was crazy for buying a new seat so close to an important race. My decision was overwhelming confirmed as the right one!


John Goodwin

It felt weird and good all at the same time.

Texas, USA

My experience –
I have been riding since 2012 and have finally found a sport in which I can say will last a lifetime. With that being said, as I have progressed from no drop LBS rides on the roadie, to technical trail rides on the MTB to the endurance events on the TRI. During this time I have started to realize one important thing…. That a comfortable saddle is worth its weight in gold. I have always found myself getting some small saddle sores when riding for 4+ hours. I was lucky enough to have a saddle that came with my TRI bike that made a world of difference. I was able to train and complete 5 triathlons last year with no effects of saddle sores. It was a blessing and an awakening. If I can do this with my TRI bike, why not my roadie. I knew that just purely from the different positioning that is involved, I simply could not take my TRI saddle and put it on my roadie. This thought led me to the Infinity Saddle. I saw one of these weird looking saddles at Ironman Cozumel last year. I stopped the rider at the transition area before the race and asked him about it. “It is the most comfortable saddle I have ever owned, hands down!” That was a bold statement and I realized I could not say that about any of my Roadie saddles that I have tried. So I made a mental note to order one of these when I got back home. A month or so passed and I decided to register for the RAAM Texas 200 Challenge – 214 Miles with 10,000+ feet of climbing. After a few weeks of training, I decided it was time. I ordered the Infinity Saddle and got to work. It felt weird and good all at the same time. You can see my first review below…

My first review –
For the inquiring minds out there. Keep in mind I have only used 4 different saddles in my cycling history, so I don’t have many comparisons here. I have had around 500 miles in this saddle to date. I have found there are some different positions you can move into on this, but the need to move around does not seem to be there. I move around when I change my hand positioning (ie: hoods, to top, to drops). The support in the middle has some flex, so it is not as rigid overall as I had originally thought it would be. I have a little soreness after 9+ hours in the saddle yesterday, but nothing compared to what my old saddle would have caused. I was also wearing leggings over my bibs (it was cold out there at 6am) and I think that caused my chamios to stay in one spot and move around with my body as it normally does. Biggest issue that wasn’t – the width of the seat. I thought when I originally put this on it was going to be too wide. There is some friction on the outside, but nothing has come from it. Overall, I really like this saddle. I can say that after my first 100+ miler in this I came home and thought about the ride and how the saddle was. I came to the conclusion that during my ride, I never really thought about the saddle. So, that means it didn’t cause any issues for me and is a win in my book. Base on that, I am sold.I spent $170 on the saddle from Infinity. They make this saddle in leather as well, which I would suspect would be even more comfortable. I think that is the way to go on this, and probably worth the extra $100.

RAAM Texas 200 Challenge –
This was by far one of the hardest things I have ever done physically and mentally. Highs and Lows and everything in between. Crash on mile 17 (small road rash, busted bar tape, broken rear hydration system, and front brake issues). dropped a bottle twice out of the sole remaining slot on the rear hydration system after that and had to turn around and get it, couldn’t eat (consumed less than 4,000 calories), had to hit the bathroom in between every aid station and at every aid station (by the way Luckenbach has a new building with nice new restrooms), apparently my front wheel skewer was knocked loose on my crash because I got the speed wobbles doing 40 down a hill (barely avoided a huge crash and was ready to bail into the grass on the right), got stopped by race officials saying my tracker wasn’t working and had to take off my shirt and move it into an outside pocket, since I was carrying 4 bottles and my rear hydration was toast I just threw the extra 2 bottles in my jersey back pockets – this made the jersey extra tight and the zipper broke, had to stop and walk at least 7 low water crossings (didn’t want to wreck again), crossed at least 25 cattle guards, had a blast on the 3 mile dirt/gravel road at mile 180, cautiously road through 3 herds of cattle, forgot to put on some more butt paste (only applied at the start), but no worries there as I did not get any saddle sores (the infinity saddle is doing well – but will probably upgrade to their all leather version). Long post I know, but wanted to share the experience.


Chris Hopkinson

Had a fantastic result in Spain. My best ever 6hr!


Dear Dr. Vince

Had a fantastic result in Spain. My best ever 6hr.

I have found the Infinity saddle to be the most comfortable I have ever had on any of my bikes, and because of that I have been able to further concentrate on my performance. I have had a great start to the year breaking 4 World Records and winning 2 European Championship Titles in the space of 2 months – it is a saddle I highly recommend to all my friends.


Kim Kegler

I have been an Ambassador for the Infinity Bike Seat for just over a year now, and there’s no turning back!

Greenville, South Carolina


I have been an Ambassador for the Infinity Bike Seat for just over a year now, and there’s no turning back!  In the winter of 2016, I learned of a work conflict with my traditional mission trip and signed up for a Bike+Build “mission” project instead.  This Bike+Build project was led by the Fuller Center for Housing and we would be riding down the Natchez Trace from Nashville, TN to Alabama. I started training on my indoor trainer and knew that I would not comfortably finish my portion of that ride on the saddle I was then using.  So, I started doing some research and discovered the Infinity Bike Seat in a facebook triathlon group.I asked a few questions of the ambassador and then ordered my saddle online.

I had invested a lot of time in training for half ironman races the last few years, so I also decided it was time to update my road bike.  My new saddle came just in time for the final fitting on my road bike.  Then, it was time to hit the Natchez Trace.

Hands down, this saddle was one of the best investments I made for long days on the bike.  I finished the week of approximately 250 miles of cycling with NO saddle sores or other female issues.  My roommate on the trip had to take a day off due to female issues and the saddle.  L  She bought an Infinity Saddle for her next multi-day ride.

Then, I decided to try this multi-day cycling “mission” again for the Tour de Youth charity ride this spring.  My only focus this year while training was getting in saddle time.  I knew that I had the best saddle for the distance I would cover. Praise the Lord, Avery (my bike’s name) and I covered around 420 miles of cycling from Houston to New Orleans with NO saddle issues.  The biggest challenge on this ride was the mental stamina to keep pedaling.

In conclusion, I am a HUGE fan of the Infinity Bike Seat.  Almost every time I ride in a group, someone either asks me about my saddle or asks to ride my bike!  Really, people?  It’s cool, though.  I am a proud Ambassador for the product and don’t mind sharing about the various models, my Ambassador code (KIMMYK), or letting them take my bike for a trial ride.  I’ve even met someone at lunch so she could demo my saddle on a closed course near my office.  Last week, another girl asked me on a group ride, “You’re the girl with the funky seat, right?” before she asked if she could test drive my bike.

Dr. Vince and Diane, thank you for a great saddle, great stories, and a wonderful way to make Avery look really really fast!

Gloria Martin

Gloria Martin

I can’t believe the difference in my life.

Palm Springs, California

I have been riding the Infinity saddle for about 6 months and can’t believe the difference in my life.  I used to tell new cyclists that they will get used to their hard, awkward saddles.   Now, when my friends try mine out, they say, “Wow, that’s unbelievably comfortable!”  For me, There is immediate plushness when I mount my bike, which leads to longer, painless rides.   My two friends and I are buying second saddles for mountain bikes!   I recommend you order one today, and take advantage of the complimentary bike fit.

Erin Freel

I love being different, but I also love being pain free.

Florida, USA

When I turned 40 I was on a mission to lose 40 lbs. Then I went on to lose 100 lbs and wrote a book called FatToFitat40.com Then I decided to do an Ironman. I learned to cycle and loved it, except I was always squirming. I thought everyone squirmed, because most people do. My uncle is a lifelong cyclist and knew I was new to the sport. He said he had a closet full of saddles over the year but finally found one that worked for him. It was the Infinity. What did I have to lose. I literally through it on my bike before a 70 mile ride and the rest is history. I never even got a proper bike fit with the seat. It’s just always worked. I’ve done several century rides, and am proud to say I did Ironman Louisville on my infinity seat. Everyone laughs until they try it. I can ride long distances in just running pants and no icky creams and thick pads. I love being different, but I also love being pain free.

Thank you!

Nicole Geller

It is by far the best investment I have ever made.

Tampa, Florida, USA

I started my triathlon career in 2005. I had been a runner for many years, and my friend challenged me to an All-Female sprint triathlon in Orlando. I instantly fell in love with the sport, and never looked back. The bike portion has always been my favorite of the three disciplines. Do not get me wrong, I love the swim and run, but the bike is just an incredible amount of fun. I have had three different tribikes during the past eleven years. This year, I completed my first Ironman. Leading up to the race, I noticed that my “training century rides” were quite painful, and I was starting to lose my love for distance on the bike. I can now say, with confidence, that the third try is the charm since I found the perfect saddle- my Pink Infinity Bike Seat! While unique and conversation worthy, it is by far the best investment I have ever made. It was made for just us; females that want to still feel girly and comfortable! Thank you Infinity! You have made my ride so much more comfortable (and fast).


Helen Sinclair

…Only saddle that doesn’t case me pain, sores or numbness


After cycling for many years and trying numerous saddles, I can honestly say that the infinity saddle is the only saddle that doesn’t case me pain, sores or numbness!
I have completed a cycling holiday in the canary islands and a couple of sportives since I purchased it and couldn’t be happier. Finally today, the Scottish highland weather finally allowed me to attach it to my summer bike!

Many Thanks


This is going to be the final solution for me.

Hawaii, USA

Aloha Diane:

Got to try the saddle on a 20 mile ride today, wow, what a difference I could not believe how comfortable it was and for some reason I seemed to have more power.

I think I still need to do a little tweaking of the position, might be to far back, as my previous saddle was an ISM saddle with no nose, they tend to be set a lot further back than most saddles.

Anyway after a first real ride I’m impressed I think this is going to be the final solution for me. For some reason just the shape of the saddle makes it more secure feeling and I like the fact that it has a little flex.

The one lesson I did get from the saddle is that the quality of the chamois pad in your shorts makes a HUGE difference in the comfort. Yesterday on my trainer I had used an older pair of shorts so I noticed the saddle more. Today I used a new pair of shorts and it was light years better, felt like I was sitting on a feather cushion.

Kudos for a great saddle, I’m sure it is only going to get better over time as I dial in the exact right position, but after just the one ride today I’m impressed, congratulations!

Attached is a photo of me with my bike and the saddle (little hard to see the saddle)!


Matthias Spohr

Give it a go, your butt will be eternally grateful!!

Honiton, Devon, U.K.

Back in April a package arrived at my home in Devon, upon opening the box I got my first look at an infinity saddle in the flesh and I had a dubious feeling. The thin leather cover barely disguising the largely cut out and scooped out frame below, I was also struck by the high and wide tail! After a quick spin to get the position right the bike was locked away till Saturdays epic Cycling weekly Dartmoor Demon ride a very tough sportive rated 9/10 for difficulty. As well as riding the sportive my team captain(Matt Stanbury) and I planned to ride to and from venue, this baptism of fire for the saddle would involve 140 miles of cycling with 14000 ft of climbing starting out at 5.30 am in -3 conditions!! I’m glad to say that the sun soon warmed the day up and the saddle was a revelation over this distance I suffered no soreness no numbness in fact no discomfort of any kind, the eccentric shape that caused initial concern proved to give a perfect platform to push against on dartmoor’s cruel 20%+ climbs!! I was converted after just one ride, after lots of years and lots of money trying to find a saddle that worked for me not to hard not to soft, good starts that led to pain and discomfort at the tough end of century rides I had found the perfect saddle for my 910 mile lands end to John o groats charity ride, 3 months and 3000 miles later hours of hill repeats, wheelies:) lots of hundred mile + training rides, lots of time explaining to curious riders on the road and on social media that this quirky looking saddle could be the answer to their prayers!! Unfortunately on a 160 mile training ride for another challenge due to take place the weekend after my lejog ride, I was involved in a head on collision with a car on a narrow country lane. I walked away with very minor injuries from the 60 mph combined speed crash!! My beloved canyon Aeroroad was not so lucky and was completely written off snapped in multiple places back wheel destroyed, it looked like the saddle got away with a few scuffs and bent rails. Diane from infinity hooked me up with some new rails in record time and the saddle was ready to go on my new giant tcr pro 2!! Sadly on the first day of the ride I noticed a creaking noise and upon thorough inspection I discovered a tiny hairline crack in the frame of the saddle so I had to complete the ride without my infinity.
I am currently saving for a replacement and still recommend the saddle to anyone who tells me they are struggling with there current saddle, I can’t praise the infinity saddle enough. Give it a go, your butt will be eternally grateful!!

John Smith

Switching to this seat has been a revelation.


I just wanted to drop you a line to say how pleased I’ve been with my Infinity Seat. I first learnt of the Infinity Seat through your Kickstarter campaign. Despite having tried numerous saddles of all hapes and sizes, I (like many) have always suffered the dreaded ‘saddle sore’. Your revolutionary design of seat would seem to solve the common issues that most cyclists experience. On receiving the seat I’ll admit I did initially wonder how a hard plastic seat could be at all comfortable.
Its first proper outing was Ride London 100 (August 2015), an Olympic legacy cycling event that sees riders cycle a 100 mile loop from London
and back. With just standard padded cycling shorts, the seat performed flawlessly and enabled me to concentrate on my riding, and achieve a personal best of 4hrs 37mins.
Since then I’ve done mainly training rides of circa 50 miles and I guess the biggest compliment I can give is that I just don’t notice it’s there. Most recently I have just completed cycling the entire len
gth of the United Kingdom (John O’Groats to Land’s End), averaging pproximately 100 miles per day over 9 days. To begin with my six fellow riders mocked me, and many questioned whether I’d survive a day on the seat, let alone over a week. They were so concerned they even brought along a spare seat for me! How wrong were they. By Day 4, several cyclists were in discomfort and by the final day I was the only one not in pain. Not bad when you think many of the riders were on top-end manufacturer seats.
So I just wanted to say a big thank you for all your hard work. Switching to the Infinity Seat really has been a revelation and I look forward to many more years of comfortable riding.
Kind regards,


Chad Battistone


Huntington Beach, CA

Do not look at this bicycle saddle!

We are creatures that thrive on familiarity. “That looks good to me” is a review many give with little thought for how subjective it is. “I don’t like the looks of that” is another phrase we toss out like it means anything more than an initial visual impression… a book being judged by its cover.

When I met the fine folks at Infinity Bike Seat, who indeed have one of the most radical “looking” saddles around, I thought to myself right away that this is one crazy looking saddle. I still think that but I knew I was going to miss out on something cool if I judged this one by its cover.

Dr. Vincent Marcel is a smart guy. They don’t just slap that “Dr.” onto anyone’s name and it only takes a few minutes with “Dr. Vince” to realize he is very serious about the science involved here. He uses impressive visual aids, medical charts and a shit-load of data to back up his reasons for building these saddles. None of that helps you get over the startling appearance. We have seen tons of versions of the cutaway, cutout, channels, grooves and holes from the early Body Geometry days all the way to modern designs. This saddle however is quite different and far more radical than anything I have ridden.

Being comfortable on your bike is important. Being a big guy, 260lbs as of today, saddle comfort is of the upmost importance. Being a cyclist my whole life I have tried everything from way too lightweight saddles that look great on the scale but punish you on the bike to overly cushy saddles that bounce and shift you down the trail/road.
Dr. Vince installed an Infinity L1 saddle on my bike, made some adjustments as I rode it on the trainer and then it was time to test the saddle on my rides, in my gear. He chose the L1 for me based on my size. The full leather cover is less radical looking than the open cutout model and is supposed to be more comfortable for big dudes so I did not argue. He is a doctor after all.

“Here’s how it works: The revolutionary Infinity Seat design relieves 100% of the pressure on your sit bones and pubic bone, making this a saddle like no other. All points of contact are with areas of your anatomy that “provide their own padding”. Although it may look a little strange at first, after one or two rides most people are totally convinced, and NEVER GO BACK.” – Infinity Bike Seat Website

The saddle is installed on my Coastline Cycle Co Belt Drive Single Speed and it is really an ideal test sled for just about anything short of a new chain or derailleur system. It lets you focus on pedaling, steering and stopping, no other distractions.

My first ride was 7 miles on a 60/40 pavement/dirt loop I ride a lot. Right out of the gate the saddle was surprisingly comfortable unlike most first rides on a new saddle. Instead of shifting around to find the sweet spot, the Infinity Saddle begs you to toss a leg over and ride. The sweet spot on the saddle presents itself and leaves no wondering if you found it. It’s just there. My first slide off the back during a little dirt descent had me concerned with the pronounced tail wanting to prevent me from getting back on but it did not present a problem in baggies and was more of a visual issue than an actual issue. As I pedaled back towards the mothership I did feel like the nose was a bit high and my tender bits were advising I look at the adjustment. I realized the play in my dropper post was indeed letting the nose lift beyond level and that was the problem. A few turns of the seat post clamp bolts and I dropped the nose just a tiny bit, which ends up being level in use.

On my second ride I did 10 miles on pavement. Right out of the driveway the small adjustment made a big difference. No shifting or juggling required. My whole bike seemed to fit better with my arse anchored in one spot. No sliding around, no shifting, no seeking the sweet spot. I felt more efficient on the bike and after 10 miles my south 40 felt like it could easily do another 20 miles.

My 3rd and 4th rides with in a garage on a trainer due to rain, which sucks, so we are not going to talk about it and that’s all I have to say about that.

Ah the fifth ride on my Infinity Bike Seat… A quick 5 mile zip around the neighborhoods to shake off the rain delays and I was further impressed. It just feels right even though it looks so… unfamiliar.

My final ride before writing this review on the Infinity Bike Seat was an 11.6 mile ride on mostly pavement with a little dirt. The saddle was so comfortable I almost forgot I was supposed to be paying attention. I pedaled away without a care in the world and came to the conclusion that this saddle works. It is as simple as that. I am more comfortable than I have been on my bike in quite some time.

I am still not used to the looks of the saddle but I came to a very important realization.

You, nor anyone else, can see your saddle while you ride so what it looks like could not be less important. On the other hand… your butt is wholly aware of your saddle, the entire time you ride, so the question of function over fashion becomes a no-brainer.

Starting at $170.00 for the N series, these saddles are not inexpensive. The model I tested was the L1 which tips the retail scales at $245.00 and they run up to $295.00 for the L2. All models are lightweight and come in your choice of red, black or white leather and SEVEN choices for rail colors! With a 30 day money back guarantee, it’s worth the total lack of risk.

In conclusion, I would encourage anyone who has not found the perfect saddle to take a look at… er… scratch that… DON’T LOOK AT THIS SADDLE…. Go ride one. Give it a try, find a way to demo one, and you may find your first class seat to comfortville.

Nicole Mazza

Rider for Richstone Family Center

San Diego, CA, USA

I decided to bike across America as a fundraiser for Richstone Family Center; a child abuse center in Los Angeles, California. One of my biggest concerns when training was being able to handle that much time in the saddle. While training my pelvis would be sore and my performance the following day would always suffer.

I heard about the Infinity Seat two months prior to leaving for my cross country trip. I had read great things about it online and in meeting Dr. Vince felt confident in his product. Dr. Vince not only donated his saddle, but provided wealth of knowledge when it came to nutrition and health prior to leaving. We talked about my diet, daily stretches, vitamins, and strategic ways to keep my body working for me not against me during my trip. I was excited about trying this all out, but was still a bit skeptical about using the Infinity Seat as most of the testimonials were all from men. I knew that the Infinity Seat worked well for men, but could the same exact seat really work for a woman too?

The seat and his nutritional tips seemed to work while I was training, so I decided to go all out and put them to the test! I was so nervous I had 2 other seats with me for back up starting my cross country ride. The first week of the trip we had gone 598 miles and completed 26,825 feet of elevation- I was feeling great.

By the third week I was beginning to feel a little guilty that others in my group were experiencing saddle sores and I had none. In fact, I rarely needed to use chamois butter! We had logged 1,764 miles and 72,650 feet of elevation and I felt stronger each day. I was implementing all the nutritional tips Dr. Vince had suggested and my body was responding well. I was able to focus more on building endurance and strengthening my legs than others and needed less recovery time. With no butt bone or pubic bone pain I could really push myself to my limits. One week I rode 7 consecutive centuries in a row, two were over 120 miles. I climbed over 6,000 feet in elevation three times, while passing the Rockies, Adirondacks and the White Mountains. We had cold rainy days and hot smoldering heat days. Seven weeks and 3,700 miles later we reached our destination in Portland, Maine.

I’d like to think that it was all my doing to get me across America by bike, but I know it’s simply not true. It took having all the right components to get me to the finish line: gear, nutrition, mind, and body strength. I can honestly say I don’t know if I would have made it to the end if Dr. Vince hadn’t donated his Infinity Seat and nutritional care. Even if I did; lets face it; having done the whole thing without saddle discomfort made my entire journey that much more enjoyable. As a woman, an athlete, and a skeptic, I can sincerely say the Infinity Seat gets two thumbs up!

I’m grateful for the opportunity to be a part of making history in the cycling community. Since being home I’ve had the privilege of working with Dr. Vince weekly on some much needed rehabilitation. He has been a wealth of knowledge and has dramatically changed the way I think and treat my body. I can’t wait to see how much farther I can push myself now that I have the Infinity Seat and his guidance as my secret weapon!

Barney Otene-Meihana

Not able to go back to other styles of seats!

New Zealand

Whilst surfing Kickstarter one day I came across the Infinity Seat and although it was fully funded, I was intrigued enough to fire off an email to see if I could purchase one.

I had been having increasing issues with pain and tilt angles, and as a newbie to the world of triathlons was not looking forward to the expensive Cinderella seat stories you so often read about. My intention was to prepare and race The Brutal Extreme Triathlon double IM distance in 2015 with a bike leg of 360km, so I needed to be as comfortable as possible for this event.

Received L and N series seats, and immediately noticed the difference with the L series. I was living in Tasmania and training for IronMaori in New Zealand. The biggest difference was nil seat bone pain and the tilt angle the seat put me in. This made riding long distances comfortable and I felt refreshed transitioning into the run. As with anything new and different I did have a few sore spots around the inner thigh and had to adjusted my riding style as the flex in the seat made me splay my thighs. Two weeks later I was riding as if nothing had changed—albeit, i had a comfortable bottom.

After IronMaori my next event was Ironman Cairns 2015 and began training between southern Tasmania, Alice Springs and Darwin. The seats have had a lot of attention interstate (I work away from home and travel with my bike to train), especially at Ironman Cairns with lots of photos and Q&A from registration staff and athletes at the bike racks. I have taken the seat with me twice to NZ as I have an old bike I use when visiting family and attracts the same attention there. I have since been sidelined with injuries and will not compete until 2016.

When traveling interstate or overseas I opt to remove the seat and stem from the frame with the current setup on my bike, as the curvature of the seat makes it sit too high in the EVOC bike bag.

The N series seat I modified and played around with by adding padding and wrapping the seat with handlebar tape. Since I was happy with the L series, I lent the seat out to various riders wanting to test the seat out here in Tasmania. A friend with Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia tested it out and found that the seat’s configuration has greatly reduced pain and toilet stops when riding.

He has since adopted the seat and refuses to give it back!

Has the seat worked for me? YES.

Do I recommend it to anyone that will listen? YES.

Have I been able to go back to the other styles of seats? NO.

Enough said really.

John Nelson

I just wanted to write and give you an update as to how I’ve been going with my Infinity saddle – it’s AWESOME!!!!

Macquaire, Australia

The photo is after just under 11 hours in the saddle during the 3 Peaks Australia cycle ride 4 weeks ago (235km and over 4000m ascent) – and I’m still smiling (even though my legs were just a tad weary…) I then managed another epic cycle ride a week later called the Orange Newcrest 170km with 2000m ascent.

I am super impressed with the comfort of the saddle. I have been promoting it whenever I can, and especially when I get the strange, quizzical looks (similar to the guy’s in the back ground in the pic below).

I don’t suppose you guys are looking for any form of brand ambassador by any chance? I complete a fairly broad spectrum of events each year including representing Australia in the age group world championships at both long and short course triathlon, I complete at least one Ironman triathlon a year (my record has been 4 in a year) as well as numerous other qualifying triathlons, cycle rides, and most recently off-road triathlons (similar to Xterra). I would love to fit Infinity to all my bikes 🙂 I look forward to hearing from you soon.



Kajsa Tylen

New Guinness World Record Holder – Kajsa Tylen achieves her Goal!

Nottingham, United Kingdom

“I began my attempt to set a new Guinness World Record for the furthest distance cycled in a year by a woman on 1 January 2016. I was happy with my kit – I had all the right gear, or so I thought. My bike was great, my shorts were fantastic, my saddle was well used and proven to be comfortable. That is, proven under normal riding conditions… After a couple of weeks of riding I started having issues with pressure sores, with infection under the skin where there was pressure from the saddle. I went to see my doctor who suggested I put plasters on to try to keep friction to a minimum but this only helped a small amount. After over 5 months I was at my wit’s end with discomfort (it was very really painful, just uncomfortable), and tried breaking in a Brooks saddle that I’d previously tried to break in to no avail. This attempt was no better, and I went back to my original saddle – better the devil you know, as they say…

I had come across the Infinity Bike Seat through Kickstarter a couple of years ago, but I thought it was just a marketing ploy – if the saddle was so great, why hadn’t any of the big bike manufacturers thought of it?! It looked great, but was pricey and, at the time, I was not happy to part with such a large sum of money without guarantee that it would be any good. But in August of my world record attempt I had had enough, and decided to contact Infinity to ask if they would provide me with a seat to try. After all, it would be great publicity for them if I liked it.

It arrived at the beginning of September and the first time I sat on it, I wanted to cry – it was so comfortable!! By this point I had gone back to get the pressure sores checked out by a nurse who had given me some adhesive pads to try, which started the healing process. And they never returned, thanks to my new saddle. You have no idea what a difference this saddle has made to my cycling experience! If anyone asks me what I would have done differently if I could go back in time – the one big thing would be to have had the Infinity Bike Seat from the beginning.

Yes, yes, I know it looks weird, and it’s expensive, but it really is worth it.”

Many thanks!,


Des Garrett

All perform like a dream.

North Hampshire Road Club, England

We all do it…..We spend a fortune on expensive bikes, bike fit’s, cycling clothing and everything else bike related.

So it seems strange to me that we are told it is OK to suffer on an ill fitting saddle and after our average 80 mile club run hobble gingerly home. Safe in the knowledge that we are tough cyclists

I have bought enough saddles over the years to fund at least two top end bikes, all in the name of comfort.

Finding the Infinity saddle has changed my cycling life and removed the pain in the rear that distance riding often becomes.

What a fantastic saddle. Forget about its unique looks and simple design, because finally somebody has redesigned the traditional saddle removing the trouble areas and leaving a seat you can literally enjoy for mile after mile.

On top of that it promotes great posture you loose nothing in terms of performance

Forget the traditional pitfalls that every other manufacturer seems to continue to fall into, trust me this is the future and the single most important cycling purchase you will ever make.

I have three of these saddles for my carbon road bike, my winter training bike and my CX bike. All perform like a dream.

Take a little time to dial in the riding angle and you are good to go….on and on and on.

David Gilman

US Olympian

Los Angeles, CA

I have ridden road bikes for 50 years and have always wanted “the seat.” Being a patient of Dr. Vince gave me an “inside view” of the Infinity Bike Seat. I signed on with his original Kickstarter program a couple of years back, and then purchased seats as soon they were available.

I’ve since purchased seats for everyone in my family who rides. They’re loving the seat as well!

Evelyn Manon

Best invention since slice bread!

Sandy Spring, Georgia

Omg Diane, I just completed my Century Ride 112 miles and I’m so happy because I didn’t have any issues or pain, I could of kept riding.

This is the BEST. Thank you

I’m so glad my girlfriend Halima Mason referred me.

Best invention since slice bread!

Michael Werk

Infinity Seat is the greatest innovation in bicycle seats in our generation.

California, USA

Dr. Vince spent countless hours and loads of money creating something he needed for himself, and when he realized it had a market, he brought it to KickStarter.

I live within an hour drive of Dr. Vince, creator of the Infinity Seat. I was fortunate enough to have the Doc install and fit my seat, which took a bit of time. If you read the comments and updates by those who have really used the seats the majority are extremely positive. For those who are not, I believe their seats just need to be adjusted.

I was so impressed with the seat, I took my wife in for a seat and fitting. After her first ride she instantly knew that she could ride with less pain and more comfort.

Infinity Seat is the greatest innovation in bicycle seats in our generation.

Peter Sandholt

3rd Place, RAAM 2015 with the Infinity Seat


I took the Infinity Saddle with me to the 2015 Race Across America. I had previously studied the issues and problems that so many hours in the saddle could cause—saddle sores being one of them. It was therefore important to carry a saddle which could both prevent and relieve the problem which has been synonymous with failure to complete the course.

Unfortunately I didn’t completely avoid saddle sores, because for the first days I went with another seat. This is when the Infinity Saddle showed itself to be invaluable. I was able to ride for hours more while the irritated areas were spared.

The unique feature of the Infinity Saddle is that it relieves the places that other saddles normally chafe. It has a comfortable fit while also being very resilient.

For extreme amounts of time on the bike, I recommend Infinity either for relief or as your primary saddle.

(translated from the Danish)

Kipling P. Sharpe, MD

It is the most comfortable I have ever been on

Gilbert, AZ, USA

I have been riding fairly seriously for about 8 years anywhere from 50 to 200 miles per week. I have ridden solo and tandem with my son. We’ve recorded 13 centuries and 4 multi day trips from 200 to 400 miles. I have tried many different saddles, with varying levels of satisfaction, but always with pain where I sit and almost always genital numbness by 50 miles or less. I recently bought an infinity saddle. It arrived the night before the Couer D’Alene Grand Fondo (108 miles with 6500 feet of climbing).

I took a gamble and rode with the brand new saddle. It is the most comfortable I have ever been on a bike and for the first time completed a century with no genital numbness. I also noticed that I didn’t get “hot feet” which I usually get by 75 or so miles—not sure it is saddle related, but it may be. I am looking forward to more miles on my new favorite saddle.

Kipling P. Sharpe MD
Orthopedic Surgery

Randy Cooper

Is it without a doubt the best, most comfortable saddle I have ever ridden on? Unquestionably, YES.

Springfield, PA, USA

While reading Roy Wallack’s book “Bike for Life”, he mentioned a really unique bike saddle. If a good saddle supports you where you need support, does not cause you any pain, and does not cause the rider to experience any numbness, then this is without a doubt a good saddle!

Actually the Infinity Bike Saddle is a GREAT saddle. Of the eleven saddles I have tried in the last three years it is positively the most comfortable saddle I have ever had.

At first glance it looks like nothing on the market today. But after talking to Dr. Marcel and looking at the seat, it all makes complete sense. Now understand I do not know the proper medical terms, but I think you will get the picture. The Infinity supports the part of your body that needs it, your butt. The shape is contoured perfectly for the rider’s body and its design incorporates the natural padding we all seem to bring with us. Because of the large cutout, the “sit bones” have nothing under them to cause pain. But after a couple of hours riding you start to realize, this seat is really comfortable. It is easy to make long distance rides with this saddle.

Because of the unique design, the seat causes the rider to start using muscles that will not get used with other saddle use. Yes it takes a period of a couple weeks to get used to because it’s different from any other seat. But after a few weeks you will start to notice a significant increase in the power you are putting to the pedals and it is because of the Infinity Saddle. Just to be sure it’s all about the saddle, the best thing to do is pull off the Infinity and replace it with an old favorite. I can guarantee that the old favorite will not be your favorite anymore.

Now I am not a renowned road racer, or an acclaimed Iron man. I am just a guy who rides everyday. I’m 6’3” and weigh 220 lbs. In the last two and a half years I have had both knees replaced. The last 750 of 7000 plus miles are on Infinity Saddles. Is it without a doubt the best, most comfortable saddle I have ever ridden on? Unquestionably, YES. Will I be using it when riding from Philadelphia to Key West, FL in 2018? Absolutely.

Casey Cousins

I’m very happy to say that my saddle has arrived, and I must say it is AMAZING!

Appleton, Oxfordshire, UK

It is far more comfortable than I had hoped. I have had lots of trouble with Piriformis pain in the past two years which had got me to the point where I was almost about to give up cycling. I’m very passionate about cycling and really didn’t want to throw in the towel—the Infinity Seat was my last attempt at hanging onto a sport that I love…

When I got home last night I only had enough daylight left to do a short 10 mile time trial ride so although this praise may seem a bit premature, it’s not. Having fitted the saddle to my bike it became apparent within half a mile of riding that this was much more comfortable than anything I have ever ridden before.

Usually when I purchase a new saddle it will take a week to two weeks to get familiar—and even then you often don’t find the perfect sweet spot you are looking for. But with this saddle it was obvious straight away.

I cannot thank you enough for saving my cycling, and please give your husband a pat on the back for a job well done.

I am now going to take the saddle down to the south of France for some testing, and on my return will let you know how I got on.

My family would also like to say “thank you” because they like a happy Dad around the house, and not one that’s moaning about aches and pains all the time.

If you ever find yourself looking for a distributor for this saddle in Europe, then consider me if only to get those delivery times and charges down. I love this product so much and would be more than happy to be part of something that helps people like me.

Well done both of you.

Many many thanks.


Ruth Roberts

It was like instant relief! No squishy soft tissue pain. No more back ache.


By the time I heard about the Infinity Seat, I was on my fifth bike seat so was ready to try anything. I had previously done the ‘fit’ at my local bike shop and actually found the process embarrassing. There was no woman to explain the discomfort to, to describe the location of the discomfort and the backaches I was getting after my rides so I felt they didn’t ‘get’ that the seats they recommended were more than likely going to feel the same (which they did).

Initially I was apprehensive about buying a product overseas – what if I paid my money and the product never arrived, what if I had issues and didn’t receive responses to my emails. What if there was no actual bike seat?!

But I emailed Infinity, and much to my surprise received a response within a few hours. I ordered a seat and was even more surprised when it arrived the next week from the US!

It was like instant relief! No squishy soft tissue pain. No more back ache. I’m so in love with the seat I now have one on my road bike as well. I get so many comments, questions and jokes (is it female specific? where’s the rest of the seat?) and lots of people wanting to test it out. I’ve found most people either love it or hate it within the first few seconds. The most common comment I get is “it feels a lot more comfortable than it looks”. It’s definitely a very personal choice. I’m so glad I took a chance. Thank you, thank you, thank you Infinity Seats.

Terry Bork

Above and Beyond professional help!

Naples, FL, USA

I was first introduced to Dr. Vince at the Race Across America (RAAM) in 2014. I was a crew member forracer Mike McClintoch. Vince had provided Mike a seat before the race and he had great results. So as I prepared for Race Across the West (RAW) this year I decided to try the seat for myself. I had two bikes for the race and used the seat on one bike for practice and during the race. It worked great! Vince met me before the race and provided me another seat for my second bike. I chose to keep my existing seat on that bike and regretted it. I now have the Infinity Seat on both of my bikes.

Unfortunately during the race I had an accident, a dislocated shoulder, and could not continue. Vince put on his “doctors hat” and over the following month provided advice and assistance to my wife Kay, an occupational therapist, in putting together a therapy plan that quickly got me back in the saddle. Thanks Vince for your great product as well as your “above and beyond” professional help.

Ares Bursic



I guess you have seen the official results of this years edition of RAAM www.raceacrossamerica.org. For my part I can say it was exactly as I imagined it would be: very long, tough and beautiful at the same time.

Of course, I am not entirely satisfied with my (I should say our, Team Sveta Nedelja) finish time—I planned to cross the finish line in Annapolis on Friday at 3 pm, but it did not go as planned. We spent too much time on the bike during the day (and not enough for sleep).

After some 36 hours in the saddle, i developed saddle sores that a couple of days later turned to open wounds. Nothing helped, so I changed bikes and to the Infinity Seat.

It took me two days, but I found the position that worked for me and YOUR SEAT SAVED MY RAAM. Thank you so much for all your help and your seats. I finished the race with no sores whatsoever! Even the wounds healed, and i was able to return to Oceanside.

Kathy Martini

Now that we can ride over roots and rocks and jump logs with no discomfort, we ride as much as we can!

Monmouth Beach, NJ, USA

I have been cycling for years, mostly road and some beach cruising. But I always had a problem—my butt would be so uncomfortable, actually in pain from the bicycle seat. I tried so many different ones and they all caused the same pressure and pain. Every little bump in the road would send that pain right up through my body. It took the pleasure out of riding.

My sister, Diane Marcel, started telling me about a bike seat her husband, Dr. Vince Marcel designed for his own comfort. With his background as a chiropractor and triathlete, I thought that was really cool, but I didn’t really get the concept until I visited them a couple of years ago and I sat on the Infinity Seat for the first time! Now I understood the concept of the cut-out design! There was no pressure on my butt (sit bones) and no shocking jolts through my body going over bumps or off curbs.

Dr. Vince sent me home with a new Infinity Seat for me and one for my boyfriend, Steve, an avid cyclist himself. He was blown away with the comfort of the seat too! We started riding more often and going for longer rides. We were so amazed and happy to ride all day with no soreness at the end of the day.

Recently, a friend asked us to show her the trails at our local riding spot, Hartshorne Woods, NJ. We took her a few times and were hooked! I never would have guessed i would start mountain biking at the age of 57! In 3 months, I’ve lost 20 lbs and feel great! My friends ask how I did it and when I tell them I mountain bike 3-4 days a week, they can’t believe it,

Now that we can ride over roots and rocks and jump logs with no discomfort, we ride as much as we can! On the trail, other riders are like, “Hey, what’s that seat you have there?” and we hook them up!